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Sunday 23rd May, services at 11am & 6.30pm: Dr Peter Masters 

Public services are continuing at the Tabernacle. Please see link for arrangements and precautions. New visitors wishing to attend should phone (020 7735 7076) or email ( and ask for a ticket. Services will also be streamed online. Sunday Schools and Bible Classes have now resumed in person at the Tabernacle and branches (with precautions).

Worship services can be viewed live on our Sunday and Wednesday webcasts. Full services are also available for download.

Deaf: All public services signed in BSL.
Simultaneous translation of services into Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Farsi.
Students: Tea on Sundays at 5.00pm for students attending the 6.30pm evangelistic service remains suspended.

Recent sermons

Sunday PM June 13, 2021

The Pride of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The biblical view of man held for centuries until recent times and very obvious to all, is that human nature is flawed, especially by pride. Here is how pride steers us, its characteristics, its consequences and how it may be pardoned and cured by Christ.
Sunday AM June 13, 2021

Spiritual Growth

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Unity defined, not as membership of an organisation, but as a bond between those in union with Christ and bearing His likeness. Then, the opposition believers will know and the answer of holy living. Lastly: service and loyalty to the body, the local church.
Wednesday PM June 9, 2021

David Reforms Worship

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sunday PM June 6, 2021

Spiritual Indifference

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ explains the militant and orchestrated presence of evil in the world, and speaks of the hold that Satan has on human souls. He also shows the love of God in providing a way of reconciliation and life for all who desire and seek Him.
Sunday AM June 6, 2021

The Purpose of Pastors

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle first shows that the ministry of Christ's church is described in prophecy. He then identifies the different kinds of teacher by their tasks (expounded here), and states the great objectives of all ministry - soul-winning, sanctification, and closeness to Christ.

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Articles & Books

Should churches comply?
by Dr Peter Masters

What of the government instructions about coronavirus? It is now that doubts begin to rise, and various voices in the Christian world begin to question the almost universal compliance with government rules on the part of churches. >Read more

Worthy the Lamb
by Christopher Laws

53 recently-composed hymn tunes. The majority have been tried in the Metropolitan Tabernacle services, before being adopted into regular worship. >Read more

Wonders of Grace
by C H Spurgeon

Drawn from the early years of Spurgeon’s remarkable London ministry, these 138 testimonies of conversion form part of an archive of some 15,000 such accounts at the Metropolitan Tabernacle. >Read more

Compassion for Souls
by Dr Peter Masters

It is amazing how much detailed and practical guidance is stored in the Gospels and the Book of Acts for all who engage in personal witness and preaching. Are we aware that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds … >Read more

How could it be that God allowed the Fall, and all the evil, disobedience and horror that was brought into the world, when our first parents fell? How was it that sin was ever permitted in the first place? >Read more

This is for people who want to find the Lord. The author shows that finding God is not a vague matter, for there is a definite way of salvation provided by God, and revealed in the Bible. >Read more

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