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God’s Love in a Pandemic

These are momentous days when we find ourselves in the midst of a worldwide ‘discipline’ or warning from God, calling us to acknowledge and seek Him. And although we shrink from the thought, this is the reason for all unexpected catastrophes, whether epidemics, floods or vast fires. The Bible says these things will come more often in the ‘last days’
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Recent Race Demonstrations

All manifestations of racial disrespect are disgraceful to sincere Christian people. They flow obviously from the Fall of man. All hatred, all superiority, all disdain, all persecution of ‘other’ ethnic groups and religions, together with all ideological persecution (which is the greatest killer in modern times), and all class prejudice is forbidden by the sixth commandment.
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Should churches comply with government instructions about coronavirus?

It is now that doubts begin to rise, and various voices in the Christian world begin to question the almost universal compliance with government rules on the part of churches. Current restrictions deeply affect our worship, our fellowship, our Sunday School and our outreach
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Why Did God Allow Satan and the Fall?

How could it be that God allowed the Fall, and all the evil, disobedience and horror that was brought into the world, when our first parents fell? How was it that sin was ever permitted in the first place? Our limited, human way of reasoning calls into question the righteousness of God. Many unbelievers put this question up as a barricade against believing the Gospel
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Joshua’s Sixteen Resolutions

Around 1375 BC Joshua proclaimed his ‘farewell’ address to all the elders and heads of the families of Israel. Speaking by divine inspiration the aged leader gave the people sixteen profound and heart-searching resolutions that stand to this day as monitors of the committed spiritual life.. Continue reading

Biblical Roles of Men and Women

‘There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus’ (Galatians 3.28). Continue reading

Raiders of the Souls

‘Beware!’ means ­­­– keep your mind focused on dangers. It urges us to watch out intelligently. Do we assess and evaluate the ideas about life which are pressed upon us today? Do we check out the various lifestyles and values on offer? Christ is really saying: ‘Don’t be mindless about life.. Continue reading

When God Commissions

The personal, spiritual applications of the call of Ezekiel to prophetic office are surely intended for God’s people in all generations, to the very end of time, and the first chapter of Ezekiel contains several matters of immense importance to us. Continue reading

Worship or Entertainment?

Where will your church be five or ten years from now? With the adoption of contemporary music worship, many have already changed beyond recognition. Yet more will do so. Continue reading

The Awesome God

What is awe? I remember a teenage boy who went to see the Niagara Falls and was over­whelmed by the power of that mighty cascade of water. Riveted to the spot, he really felt its danger and magnificence. He went down to the lower shelf to view the falling water from behind, and could not stop Continue reading

The Dissolving of Doubts

Adapted from one of a seven-part Bible study series preached at the Tabernacle in April-June 2017: ‘The Dissolving of Doubts’, a phrase taken from Daniel 5.12 meaning the untangling of knots. Other studies in the series addressed Doubts about the Faith, Doubts about God, Doubts about the Bible, and Doubts about the Doctrines of Grace. Continue reading

Does the Lord Really Guide?

Only thirty years ago the question that heads this article would never have been asked by Bible-believing Christians, because the need to seek God’s guidance in all the major decisions of life was firmly fixed in the minds of those who followed Christ. But the great decline of the quality of Bible teaching Continue reading

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