Biblical Strategies for Witness

Dr Peter Masters

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It is not widely realised just how much practical guidance is stored in the Gospels and the Book of Acts for all who engage in personal witness and preaching. Are we aware, for example, that the Lord Jesus Christ employed distinctive strategies for different kinds of unbeliever, and that these may be learned and copied? This study brings these approaches to life for witnessing Christians and preachers today.

Extracts from this book 

The best way of getting started in personal witness is to make this activitiy a matter of deep conviction. We must be biblically convinced that it is the God-given task of all believers to be continuously active in speaking of spiritual matters to those around them.Witnessing is frequently a matter of courage. Even the apostle Paul, though accustomed to all forms of hardships, expressed his need of courage, and asked for prayer that he might speak boldly. How can we increase our courage for personal witness? Surely by taking seriously the matter of conviction and duty with us, and we therefore give ourselves no choice in the matter, this in itself helps to ‘overrule’ our timidity. 

Table of Contents 

Biblical Strategies for Witness

1. Inspiring and Maintaining Personal Witness

2. God Really Does Use Instruments

3. Touching the Raw Nerve

4. Strategies for Different Kinds of Unbeliever

5. The Ignorant and Indifferent Person

6. The Self-Righteous Person

7. The Self-Interested Person

8. The Convinced Atheist

9. Prepared for Questions