We regret that the 2020 School of Theology scheduled for 7-9 July will not take place in its usual form due to the coronavirus.
Information and recordings from last year’s school are below.

2019 ‘The True Dynamism of the Local Church’

The churches of Christ are increasingly being infiltrated by the mis-named ‘missional’ model of church organisation, that wilfully discards fundamental biblical obligations of Christian commitment, taking churches into deepening worldliness. A new generation is being beguiled by a wave of unscriptural innovations, making a stand for ­authentic ­evangelical life more vital than at any other time.

All the topics contributed directly to the building up of the individual congregation as an organism for soul-­winning effectiveness, scriptural obedience and blessing in these perilous last times.

CDs and DVD box sets of the complete 2019 School may be purchased from the Tabernacle Bookshop.

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