Dr Peter Masters

Here is the start of a new order and revival of public prophecy. See here the many pictures of Christ as seen through Samuel, David and Solomon. Also the peoples’ demand for a king.

The Birth and Call of Samuel

– Wednesday PM February 9, 2011

Faith Demonstrated in the Life of Samuel

– Wednesday PM February 16, 2011

From Saul to David

– Wednesday PM March 16, 2011

Spiritual Lessons from Saul and David

– Wednesday PM March 23, 2011

Spiritual Lessons from the Life of David (4)

– Wednesday PM June 8, 2011
The contrast between love and lust seen in Amnon’s rape of Tamar; Jonadab, like Satan, will prove a treacherous friend; Absalom unites charm and murderous cunning; a coup prepared after ’40 years’ – not an error but linking to the public mood that deposed Samuel.

Spiritual Lessons from the Life of David (8)

– Wednesday PM July 20, 2011
David’s census – a lesson for God’s people throughout time about acting only on divine authority. Who inspired it: God or Satan? Why was it so wrong? The ‘normative principle’ of God’s rule over us. The problem of pride and God’s precautions for us. A verse also about heartfelt worship.

David and Solomon

– Wednesday PM October 5, 2011

Christ and His Temple

– Wednesday PM October 26, 2011

Zenith of Solomon’s Reign

– Wednesday PM November 2, 2011

Solomon’s Fall and Repentance

– Wednesday PM November 9, 2011
Battle of Life