Dr Peter Masters

A series of studies unfolding the book of Leviticus, including Christian distinctiveness, the ongoing message of the feasts, the holiness of God, legitimate worship and true repentance.

Serious Devotion

– Wednesday PM December 13, 2017
An overview of surprising themes in Leviticus, including the need for feelingfulness, identifying sins of ignorance and strange fire today, Christian distinctiveness, and the ongoing message of the feasts and the jubilee. Also, the ‘appendix’ – the rules for vows, then and now.

Promises and Warnings to the Church

– Wednesday PM December 6, 2017
Moses gives the gracious key to how God would deal with Israel by physical, earthly, public benefits or disciplines according to their general national behaviour. Here also by way of application are the equivalent spiritual benefits and disciplines for Gospel age believers.

The Pinnacle of Faith and Grace

– Wednesday PM November 29, 2017
The purpose of the Land Sabbath — far beyond the resting of the land — its moral benefits and spiritual lessons; then the remarkable Jubilee law with its spiritual and prophetic purpose.  Was a Jubilee ever held? The true Jubilee in Isaiah, fulfilled in Christ and His Church.

The Purpose of the Feasts

– Wednesday PM November 22, 2017
All seven major feasts of Moses are in this chapter. This overview explains the spiritual purpose of each, showing how they form a perfect agenda for the meditation of believers, as well as a preacher’s checklist of essential themes for the blessing of God’s people.

Getting the Spiritual Sense

– Wednesday PM November 15, 2017
Rules for discerning the ongoing message for today in the ceremonies of the law, eg: the vital spiritual application (not digestive!) of the embargo on eating the offering after two days; the priests’ funeral restrictions, the giving of children to Molech, and especially spiritual sincerity.

Commands With a Meaning

– Wednesday PM November 8, 2017
First, how the annual Day of Atonement foretells the one sacrifice of Messiah; secondly, sexual conduct laws, including the abomination of same-sex relationships and their moral-law permanence; thirdly, the message of uncircumcised fruit – that no culture is neutral but all must be sanctified.

Legitimate Worship

– Wednesday PM October 4, 2017
Numerous times we are told that worship and priesthood were prescribed in detail by God, yet immediately and fatally Nadab and Abihu innovated. Why? Here are common answers, but Scripture mentions only that their novelty was not commanded by God, and here are lessons for churches today.

Searching the Heart

– Wednesday PM September 27, 2017
Lessons from the offerings for our devotional lives today, first for peace (thankfulness), second for sins of ‘ignorance’ (light untroubled sinning), third for guilt by association, fourth for ‘trespass’ (sins against God). How can we repent without knowing these categories of offence?

True Repentance for Believers

– Wednesday PM September 20, 2017
The burnt offerings are past and over, eclipsed by Calvary, but by placing ourselves in the midst of the scene we may feel the impact of the symbolism and the nature of guilt. Here we learn much about how to think in times of repentance.