Dr Peter Masters

The prophet Jeremiah’s great message was unchanging. It was the great warning of the judgement that would come on Jerusalem, but also about restoration. Here see the subtlety of his prophecy’s and listen to the great appeals made for the benefit of our souls.

God’s Call in Hostile Times

– Wednesday PM April 17, 2013
In 627 BC the long ministry begins. His call is our call – analysing the features, terms and privileges. Jeremiah’s good reluctance, his anointing and level of conviction; the certain outcome of his words (and ours). Are we in the last phase of the age?

Jeremiah Speaks to Us

Modern translators and writer destroy the message of Jeremiah by calling his words charges or accusations against Judah rather than pleadings (KJV). Here is how we are meant to read these pleadings and apply them to ourselves, to derive challenge and comfort.

Christian Era Prophecies of Jeremiah

– Wednesday PM June 12, 2013
Here are the prophecies of Christ, the Branch, and of His ransom for sinners; of the return of the exiles; of the calling out of believers in the Gospel age; of the calling of the Gentiles; of the New Testament ministry, and the regenerate character of the church.

Two-Timing the Lord

– Wednesday PM May 1, 2013
Battle of Life
The unfaithful wife called back shows God’s patience to rebellious Israel. How much more to true believers who should never delay repentance after waywardness. Compromised Judah prayed to the true God from idol shrines! Reasons why worldly evangelicals forfeit real blessing today.

How to Plead With Souls

– Wednesday PM May 15, 2013
Why does the prophet appeal to Judah to repent, when he knows they never will? So that God’s heart in the matter will be seen, obstinacy revealed and so that individuals may find the Lord. Here are lines of appeal still to be used today.

A Prophet’s Advice to Christian Workers

– Wednesday PM May 22, 2013
Here we glean the necessity of 1) strong sorrow for the lost, 2) ministering for conviction, 3) humbling ministry, 4) expansive labouring, 5) readiness for trials, 6) closeness to Christ. Precious and powerful verses to challenge and enliven sincere students of the Word.

Counsel for Hostile Times

– Wednesday PM June 5, 2013
Although almost alone in his stand, Jeremiah obeyed God’s express command in these chapters to make no concession to apostate culture (unlike many evangelicals today). Here also is the source of his strength, his occasions of doubt, meeting with God’s reproof, and his preaching emphasis.

Jeremiah’s Consolation

– Wednesday PM June 19, 2013

Comforts from the Fall of Babylon

– Wednesday PM July 17, 2013