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Dr Peter Masters has been pastor at the Tabernacle since 1970.

Dr Masters’ recent sermons

Sunday PM May 9, 2021

Everyone’s Appointed Course

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The struggle for the soul, says the Bible, is like an Olympic wrestling match, yet many do not even begin the search for God, and opposing influences win the day. Here is how God enables us to come through all resistance to find His pardon and love.
Sunday AM May 9, 2021

God Glorified in the Church

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The true church is a demonstration to the world of God's glory. Human nature prefers to vaunt personalities, preachers, even musicians and their produce, but our God-given role is to show the fruits of the converting and sanctifying work within us. 
Wednesday PM May 5, 2021

How to Reason with Ourselves

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What accounts for Saul's resistance to God? But there are the same tendencies even in us as believers. Supremely, in these chapters, are the four arguments of Abigail to deter David from sin, the same arguments so useful to us in restraining ourselves from temptation.
Sunday PM May 2, 2021

Readiness for the Afterlife

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Just as we came into the world with nothing, so we shall leave it. When we appear as souls before our Maker, how will we be provided for? Will we have a Saviour, a pardon for all sin, and eternal life?
Sunday AM May 2, 2021

The Christian’s Daily Need

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle prays that believers will have Christ in their hearts (here explained), and rooted and grounded in love for Him, we will know more of His for us. Here is the scope of the breadth, length, depth and height of that love.
Wednesday PM April 28, 2021

Faith, Doubts, then Strong

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sunday PM April 18, 2021

One Word that Leads to God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
When the jailor of Philippi cried 'What must I do to be saved?', Paul replied in one word: 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ'. No works or deserving or ceremonies were required, only trust in Christ to bring about the transforming power of conversion.
Sunday AM April 18, 2021

The Mystery of the Gospel

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul's special calling to unfold to the Gentile world the hitherto unproclaimed grace of God, person of Christ, and oneness of saved Gentiles with saved Jews in one body. Here also are the unsearchable riches of Christ, and the ultimate purpose of the Gospel.
Sunday PM April 11, 2021

External or Internal Change

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
How influenced and confirmed we are, if only we knew it, to society around us! How unoriginal, how alike - yet all that shapes us is external, while our greatest needs are within. Here Paul presents the inner transformation that conversion to God brings about.
Sunday AM April 11, 2021

Keeping Alive the Spirit

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In the building of a spiritual family the work of the Holy Spirit is the vital power. Here several Holy Spirit verses in Ephesians are explored (including 'Be filled with the Spirit') to show the different activities of the Spirit in the Christian life.