The Fall of David

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 14, 2021

The Scope of God’s Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 11, 2021
The Bible's most famous verse mentions the astonishing scope and depth of Christ's love in sending a member of the Godhead into our corrupted world. In what sense could God love this world? And what was it that Christ did to save lost people?

The New Person

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 11, 2021
First, an analysis of the sad state of the unsaved heart. Then two levels of transformation: (1) conversion, where putting off the old and putting on the new life is God's work, and (2) details of sanctification, where believers are empowered to act by God.

Christ’s Kingdom Foretold

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 7, 2021

Valuing your Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 4, 2021
'What is your life?' asks James, 'it is even a vapour'. Here is material, physical life without God, its instability and brevity, its insubstantial character and its lack of merit and value for eternity. How very different it could be with the intervention of Christ the Lord.

The Riches of Truth

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 4, 2021
The apostle lays down the vital role of the entire congregation functioning together in evangelism and sanctification. The chief agent of this is 'the truth'. Here we seek to appreciate more fully the privileges and power of the faith entrusted to us.

The Pride of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM June 13, 2021
The biblical view of man held for centuries until recent times and very obvious to all, is that human nature is flawed, especially by pride. Here is how pride steers us, its characteristics, its consequences and how it may be pardoned and cured by Christ.

Spiritual Growth

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 13, 2021
Unity defined, not as membership of an organisation, but as a bond between those in union with Christ and bearing His likeness. Then, the opposition believers will know and the answer of holy living. Lastly: service and loyalty to the body, the local church.

David Reforms Worship

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 9, 2021

Spiritual Indifference

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM June 6, 2021
Christ explains the militant and orchestrated presence of evil in the world, and speaks of the hold that Satan has on human souls. He also shows the love of God in providing a way of reconciliation and life for all who desire and seek Him.