The Case For Love

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday PM October 3, 2010

The Enemy Within

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 27, 2011
Is pride ever good? Yes, but here are the dangers and delusions that blind us to ourselves, cause us to resent the oversight of God, deform the character, spoil decisions, and take away our power to believe in Christ and gain eternal life.

Proof Upon Proof

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 11, 2011
The message of personal salvation and eternal life obtained through Christ naturally provokes the question - Is it true? It seems too good to be true. Here is a review of its credibility, its effectiveness, and the many proofs experienced by those who trust it.

The Truth About Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 8, 2012
Is Christ true? Is reconciliation with God possible? Is the source of Christian salvation - the Bible - true? Can it be tested? Does it work? What about alternative explanations and policies for life? These answers to plain questions will help all who seek reality, and peace with God.

Helps for Overcoming Sin

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 27, 2012
A surprising number of striking helps stand out in the course of the epistle, some designed to jolt us, and others to help motivate us to more conscientious effort. From true confession to steps for keeping the soul, here are ten inspired counsels for the battle against sin.

Signs of Spiritual Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 5, 2012
Are we truly saved? Do we need a jolt to examine our status before God, or do we need reassurance that we are saved? In a single study, here are two major signs from 1 John: our commitment to the Gospel, and our changed relationship with sin and the world

‘Christian Assurance’ – Eternal Security

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday AM December 15, 2013

Forces That Shape Our Lives

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 27, 2015
The old view that human nature is influenced by sin-tendencies, and in need of regular cleansing and servicing has been thrown out, so that few take note of what drives them. Here is God's book on the subject of pride, its stealth, power, and only cure.

What Exactly is Worldliness?

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM September 30, 2015
'Love not the world' texts are frequently twisted to mean - be worldly as long as you don't sin. Past believers always saw the world as a complex evil campaign orchestrated by Satan. Here are passages proving this view and defining worldliness.

The Dissolving of Doubts 2

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 26, 2017
(ii) — Doubts about salvation: experienced both by young and seasoned believers, their form and our response. Here are five surprising and powerful evidences of salvation presented in 1 John to show troubled souls that they should regard themselves as saved and move forward in faith.

Certain Truths in an Uncertain World

- Pastor Jonathan Stobbs - Wednesday PM August 30, 2017

Fellowship With God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 10, 2017
John looks back sixty years recalling with amazement how the apostles listened to Christ, and watched Him through His earthly ministry, constantly convinced of His redeeming work, and by the wonder of personal fellowship with God. Here is the basis and joy of such fellowship.

Life In The Son of God

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM May 20, 2018

The Things in the World (1)

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 11, 2018
Surely we are moving into the last age end-phase of licence and lawlessness. Here we briefly review history since the 1960s, and then consider a gulf between church and world, then study the command to love not the world and its things. What are these?

The Word of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 19, 2019
Christ is extolled by the aged apostle as truly man and God, who is holiness and truth, genuine believers being identified by their sensitivity to sin and concern for biblical obedience, and false Christians by their relative indifference to one or the other.

Maintaining Spiritual Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 26, 2019
The aged apostle speaks out of concern for believers everywhere, urging all to avoid spiritual lifelessness by keeping in full view: 1) The campaign for personal holiness; 2) The price Christ paid for us; 3) All His commands to serve Him; 4) Our love for Him.

Christian Fellowship

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 2, 2019
After extolling Christ and exhorting to holiness, the first topic of the epistle (showing its importance) is mutual love in the congregation. Here are the grounds of solid ties, and the blessings and helps, along with the Apostle's warnings about opting out of this precious duty.

The Profound Work Within

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 9, 2019
John's words to little children, fathers and young men seem repetitive and puzzling at first sight, but they are a call to think of the considerable changes brought about in those who are converted, and to stir assurance and zeal. Here are the triumphs of grace.

Love Not The World

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 16, 2019
In three famous verses, John shows that love for the world cannot coexist with love for God, then defines worldliness, shows its offensiveness to God, and describes how it passes away to judgement before our eyes. What believers do, however, lasts forever.

A Briefing on Antichrist

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 23, 2019
The apostle John provides the facts about the emergence of antichrist, what exactly antichrist will do, and the twin means by which believers will discern 'many antichrists'. These two, the unction of the 'Holy One' and the test of truth, are here explained.

The Threefold Abiding

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 30, 2019
In five verses John describes three major aspects of the spiritual life, the word 'abide' appearing six times. Here is how we should make use of the body of Christian doctrine, maintain close union with Christ, and keep alive the illumination of the Spirit.

John’s Steps to Holiness

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 7, 2019
Gaining Christian perspective by comprehending all aspects of God's mighty love, then by looking forward to seeing Christ and being transformed, then by appreciating deliverance from the dominion of sin, and then by knowing how to stay close to the Saviour.

Fellowship Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 14, 2019
The apostle John describes five aspects of love, in the church, at the same time showing that each one is evidence of true conversion. Here love, helpfulness to fellow believers, and the promised greater instrumentality in prayer, are seen as bulwarks of assurance.

Why We must Stop Loving the World

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday AM July 28, 2019

Distinguishing Truth from Error

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 11, 2019
The duty to test all who teach by four standards: (1) Do they proclaim the divinity and humanity of Christ, our infallible mediator? (2) are they truly converted? (3) are they separate from the world? (4) are they bound by the authority and sufficiency of scripture?

Duty and Fruits of Brotherly Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 8, 2019
From the warning against false teachers, the apostle turns again to the great duty of love to fellow believers, providing fourteen compelling reasons (with benefits) for honouring this obligation. Here love is defined, its actions and activities listed, and the reasons surveyed.

Christian Evidences

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 15, 2019
The apostle describes seven solid evidences of the work of salvation in the true believer (different from the 'marks of grace' usually described). All provide either strong assurance, or a profound challenge in the case of those who have not yet experienced conversion to Christ.

From Blasphemy to Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 22, 2019
As unbelievers we thought unbelief was 'innocent'. Surely it was for Christians to demonstrate God's reality to us. But here is God's viewpoint - the depths of wilful unreasonableness in our rejection of Him. And here also is what we owe to Him for His mercy.

The Matter and Manner of Prayer

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 29, 2019
Here is the necessity of prayer and why God requires it; the meaning of God's promise to answer 'according to his will'; the things for which we should pray; the manner in what we should pray; and the vexed exception of the 'sin unto death'.

Unchanging Christian Distinctives

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 6, 2019
John sets out the authentic characteristics of truly saved believers. What he means by saying that they sin not, and how they fight sin. Here also are Satan's attempts to ruin them, and a key work of redemption - a certain and personal walk with God.

The Pride of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM June 13, 2021
The biblical view of man held for centuries until recent times and very obvious to all, is that human nature is flawed, especially by pride. Here is how pride steers us, its characteristics, its consequences and how it may be pardoned and cured by Christ.