Seven Strands for Safety and Certainty

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 17, 2011

The Seven Pillars of Character

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 28, 2013

Adding To Our Faith

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Sunday AM September 14, 2014

God’s Unalterable Timetable

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday AM July 31, 2016

Clothing Faith With Character

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 2, 2017
The new life embraced by the gift of faith is to be 'adorned' by virtue, knowledge and temperance. Here is what they are, how they are cultivated by the Spirit's help, how they add to each other, and how they save churches from decline.

Patience and Godliness

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 9, 2017
To enjoy the multiplying of God's blessing, faith must be clothed with seven virtues. Here, patience (endurance) is defined with (biblical) hindrances and helps. Also, here is godliness, shown to mean reverence, and its powerful influence is our spiritual lives.

The Silver Chain of Graces

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 30, 2017
Brotherly love, and how it differs from 'charity' (agape love). Here are its characteristics, benefits, helps and hindrances. Also, how love can become a vice, and how all the graces in the silver chain gain assurance and a foretaste of Heaven.

Right Interpretation

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 7, 2017
The Old and the New Testaments magnificently authenticate each other through the fulfilling of prophecy in the marvellous Person and work of Christ. Here is the self-interpreting nature of the Bible, its sufficiency, and the right of private judgement, and how these are honoured.

Signs of Antichrist

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 21, 2017
From false teachers in the churches, Peter turns to our vulnerability to the godless worldview of the last days, how it is prophesied in both testaments, its motivation, its underlying contempt for accountability, and its wilful rejection of creation, design and morality.

The Day of the Lord

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 28, 2017
'One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.' Reflection on God's view of time, the certainty of final dissolution of all things, and the believer's duty to look for that day and shun materialism.

Living In Peace

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 11, 2017
The apostle urges growing union with the Lord and inner peace by keeping in view the day of the Lord, reflecting on the reason for Christ's delay – the salvation of the redeemed – and by building knowledge and stability in the Word of God.

The Secret of Steadfastness

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 18, 2017
The closing admonition of the epistle is a stirring appeal for vigilance in keeping our souls, coupled with a plea for lifelong growth in the gifts given at conversion, and consciousness of Christ's love. Here is what these are, and how they should deepen.