Sunday PM September 22, 2019

God’s Feelings For Us

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The feelings of God disclosed by the prophet for all who live and die without knowing Him and His forgiveness, wasting the treasures of life, and going into a lost eternity. Here is the call of God to come to Him for new life.
Sunday PM July 15, 2018

The Problem of The Heart

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Wednesday AM February 24, 2016

Explaining Ezekiel’s River of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Ezekiel has lamented the failure of separation from the world, and now the river symbolises the church's positive work in the world. Here is the meaning of its secret source and miraculous expansion, with our soul-winning priority, and the incidental yet mighty social benefits in times when there is great…
Wednesday AM February 17, 2016

Ezekiel’s City and Its Meaning

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Is this great city/temple vision to be fulfilled literally or does it portray Christ's Church? Here are the reasons why historic interpreters were all sure it pointed to the Church, and how this view reveals the many vital pastoral applications for today.
Wednesday PM February 3, 2016

A Prophetic Parable Explains our Times

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
An obvious parable (as Ezekiel shows by building in major pointers) about the coming of Christ and the church age, telling us about the constant hostility of the world against the church, how God will restrict it, and its end times crescendo when Christ returns.
Wednesday PM January 27, 2016

The Unfolding Prophecy of Tyre

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Among nations to be judged for hostility to God's people, Tyre was unique, and subject to uniquely phased judgement.  Here is how she parallels anti-Christian thought today, and the perspective we gain from this (already partially fulfilled) prophecy.
Wednesday PM December 16, 2015

The Vital Duty of Private Judgement

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Despite training, Israelites were ignorant of doctrine, choosing uninspired nonsense over the Word. They thought Exodus taught that parental sin was punished in children. Ezekiel denies it, unless children choose to sin. A call to personal knowledge of doctrine and conduct - so rare today.
Wednesday PM December 9, 2015

God’s Agenda for Church Success

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
From the parables of the vine and of two great eagles the greatest faults of the 'typical' church (repeated today) were pride and idolatry. Ezekiel shows that humility, simplicity and faithfulness are essential for true blessing. We see how worldliness is the equivalent of idolatry.
Wednesday PM December 2, 2015

God Teaches Ezekiel How to Preach

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It is remarkable how the vision-messages given by God to Ezekiel are structured and divided to ideal sermonic form, as if they are inspired lessons in delivery. Here we see the Lord's own subject, shape and divisions for several major 'sermons'.
Wednesday PM November 25, 2015

The Training of God’s Servant

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A new vision of the holiness of God fills the prophet with indignation at the insult to Him of apostasy. Commissioned a watchman to souls, a time of barren ministry creates dependence on the unction of the Spirit, while the siege enactment teaches his attitude.
Wednesday PM November 18, 2015

The Sending of God’s Servant

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
First, proof that Ezekiel's commission applies to all believers. Secondly, why he is constantly reminded of his human vulnerabilities. Thirdly, how the Spirit carries him and us over the opposition of the age. Fourthly, proclamational not missional (in the modern sense) methods are commanded.
Wednesday PM November 11, 2015

When God Calls

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The personal spiritual message of Ezekiel 1 - the call of a prophet certainly, but also the commission that should dawn dramatically on all believers, bringing a powerful sense of God, His glory and omniscience. How this brings fruitfulness, while its absence has ruined much evangelical witness.
Sunday PM September 28, 2014

The Valley of Dry Bones

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Often called 'The parable of dry bones', this dramatic prophetic vision predicts a future revival of God's people, and also gives a narrative of spiritual conversion - the theme of this message. Here is our lifelessness as unbelievers, and the process of receiving new life from God.
Sunday PM May 5, 2013

The Fairness of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
'God is unfair,' they said. But God declares that He has no pleasure in seeing lives thrown away in materialism, unbelief and spiritual loss. Here is the cause of the problem, God's remedy, His fairness, His mercy, and what He does for those who turn to Him.
Wednesday PM August 10, 2011

What Pleases God?

Sermon by Pastor Christopher Buss
Sermon by Pastor Christopher Buss