Why Faith is so Vital

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 15, 2010
What exactly is faith, and why is it the essential key to finding God? Why not good works, accomplishments, and personal gifts? How does it differ from blind faith or taking a leap in the dark?

Christ’s Amazing Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 10, 2010
This verse teaches that Christ was bound or obligated to assume human nature and die on the cross of Calvary. What compelled Him - unfettered member of the triune Godhead, to come into the world and suffer? This message presents the reasons and will be a help to all who…

Choosing Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 6, 2011
Moses was already a 'man of God', when he chose to leave his royal life for God's service, but his choice vividly highlights the issues in responding to the call of the Gospel - the call to Christ and to eternal life. Here are the cries of both dissuasion and…

What If I Cannot Believe?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 9, 2011
The Bible says that unbelief in God is our willing choice, and an act of antagonism toward Him. Is this reasonable? This passage presents the case from God's point of view, showing why we disbelieve, how this affects us, and how God saves us.

Spiritual Emergencies

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 4, 2012
'Refuge' is a significant Bible word, echoing the cities of refuge set up by Moses for people fleeing from 'mob' justice. But these cities also illustrate how we must all take refuge in Christ's salvation to escape our deserved justice for rebellion against God. Help for seeking souls.

Divine Provision for Troubled Consciences

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Sunday AM April 22, 2012

Strengthening Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 13, 2012
Given by God, faith suddenly brings to life the realities of the Gospel and we come to Christ. It also has a rational aspect here explained. Then it must be exercised and increased as life goes on, and this famous, inspiring passage shows how we must do this in all…

Christ our Refuge

- Rev. Dick Saunders - Sunday PM September 30, 2012

The Christian Era

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM January 20, 2013
A majestic letter showing the glory of Christ, and how the Old Testament ceremonial is fulfilled in Him. Here is Christ's divine nature and work, and our privileges drawn from many uplifting passages. Here too the errors of future society and churches are predicted, with a call to holiness and…

Seeing Spiritual Things

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM January 27, 2013
The inspired writer urges the spiritually vague to faith, and speaks of the greatness of salvation, the signs of the apostles, the ministry of angels, and David's prophecy of atonement. Here also are explanations of Christ dying for 'every man', 'tasting death', and how we 'see Jesus'.

What Christ Means to Us

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM February 3, 2013
The range of Christ's sufferings on Calvary; how divine attributes met there; being brought as children to glory; and other insights into Christ's love. Plus the twofold purpose of His sufferings: (a) atonement (b) to show that he has tasted our every trial, and will help us.

The Obvious Believer

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM February 10, 2013
Reflecting on the Lord, to maintain a strong manifestation of our conversion and hold on Christ. Keeping up assurance, witness, and anticipation of glory by ready response to every scriptural challenge. How to hear the voice of Christ in His Word, and to keep the heart.

The World’s Greatest Deception

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 10, 2013
Here is the Bible's definition of moral wrong, together with surprising insights, forgotten and unknown by today's society. Here also is the extraordinary scope and power of sin to control us and cause eternal condemnation,and the only solution, provided by Christ our Saviour.

Spiritual Psychology

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM February 24, 2013
Understanding how the heart (mind-affections-will) may lose spiritual sensitivity and strength, and how these may be restored and maintained. Keeping church and world distinct, and why Christian works of compassion are different from the heresy that Christ calls us to restore the world.

Are We Sure of Salvation?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM March 3, 2013
Here is deep concern for souls, conversion being defined as a rest. Rich terms and appeals are here explored. Salvation is said to have been in place and ready for the Fall. The literal promised land was also a picture of spiritual rest which was preached alongside.

The Word and Prayer

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM March 10, 2013
Senses in which the Word is 'living'. Its power in conversion and in sustaining a spiritual walk. Its unmatched power in ministry, never to be displaced by drama or film. Implications of a unique term 'throne of grace', and the rules of prayer, for mercy first, then help.

Christ’s Compassion and Our Obedience

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM March 17, 2013
After showing the superior sympathy of Christ over His Old Testament type - the high priest - this chapter challenges dullness of hearing. The cause is failure to personally prove Christ. The learning, deepening life depends on a truly obedient, non-worldly walk.

We Must Advance

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM March 24, 2013
Some Christians devour doctrine, but stand still in personal sanctification, separation from the world, and service. Here is the call to fully-formed maturity. Do we long for our lives to make some return to Christ for the incomprehensible price He paid for us?

Full Assurance

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 7, 2013
Spiritual certainty is here based on a forward-looking, heavenly view of life. It is when being with the Lord is kept in view, and becomes our chief motivation for holiness and service, and our chief consolation, that assurance is maintained strongly to the end.


- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 14, 2013
Prophecies about Christ and His work included the foretelling of His high priestly work, and the passing of the Levitical priesthood - which was symbolic and unable to atone for sin. Here are great characteristics of Christ represented by Melchisedec, and also by David's related prophecy.

Saving Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 14, 2013
Faith is repeatedly described in the Bible as the key to finding Christ in a living, personal way. Here is the biblical definition of faith, how we get it, what it must believe, how it is expressed, and the great reward it secures.

Our Great High Priest

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM April 21, 2013
Surveying the points of superiority of Christ's high priesthood over that of O.T. high priests powerfully stirs our gratitude and indebtedness. Likewise, the superior excellence of the covenant of grace increases our love, dedication, and anticipation of future blessing.

Deep Symbols of Old

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 5, 2013
Sparkling verses that review the riches of O.T. times to show how much people were shown about God's holiness and the provision of redemption through the coming Saviour. The symbols have gone, but the record of them stirs and deepens our perception of how much we owe.

The Riches and Power of the Blood of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 12, 2013
One of the purposes of Hebrews is to convince readers that the Old Testament saints actually knew that their worship was typical and figurative of the work of their coming Messiah. Here are aspects of the wonder and riches of the atonement to move believing hearts.

Good Things to Come

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 19, 2013
Further proof that Old Testament Jews knew that their ceremonial worship were both lessons on grace and prophecy of Christ's work in signs. Here, also, the greatness of Christ is presented, and His present work of subduing all things by conquering hearts and progressively frustrating His enemies.

Every Believer’s Priestly Duties

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM May 26, 2013
Inspired steps for fruitfulness and assurance that track the symbolic duties of the high priest. Here is counsel on: 1) drawing near to God, 2) obtaining cleansing, 3) affirmation and witness, 4) watching over others, 5) gathering for worship and instruction, 6) weighing our remaining time.

The Hallmark of True Belief

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 2, 2013
A two-part hallmark being first, conscientious concern for righteousness. False faith becomes indifferent to sin, but here is the difference between false faith and backsliding. The second mark is the acceptance of Christian priorities and trials. Here also are the joys of true faith.

Facts about Ongoing Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 9, 2013
Faith, for a saved person, is the capacity to see beyond the reach of human vision and sense, to perceive as real and certain, matters revealed by God in his Word. Here are faith's benefits and enemies, and how it must be exercised and enabled to grow.

Walking with Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 16, 2013
From Abel to Enoch we see how our faith may speak on earth long after we die, and what it means to walk with God. Here sixteen features of being in communion are swiftly reviewed to help motivate and encourage believers to live by faith.

Faith that Inherits

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 23, 2013
In a single verse both saving and keeping faith are presented in the life of Noah. Here is his 'illumination' about future things, his careful response, his obedience, his devotion to the Seed Royal, and his witness - all showing he is an heir of righteousness by faith.

Is Abraham’s Faith Ours?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 7, 2013
This is the story of Abraham's God-given saving faith that compelled him to answer God's call. What made such an impression on him, how did he respond, and what was the basis for his ongoing faith? Here also are the parallel influences in believers today.

The Formation of Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 14, 2013
Sarah did not at first believe that she would conceive, but then faith was formed. Here is how it operated in the work of God to establish the line and church of Christ. Here also are the reasons why God employed miraculous means, with applications to us.

How Rare is Christian Obedience!

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM July 21, 2013
True faith produces obedience and obedience is the proof of true faith. Strangely, today, much right doctrine does not always lead to obedience. Here are God's objectives in the proving of Abraham by the offering of Isaac, showing parallels with our provings by the Lord.

Walking by Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 18, 2013
Four great examples of how faith sees Truth, believes and obeys it. Isaac responded with trembling, Jacob obeyed a unique insight, Joseph secured a 400-year testimony, and the parents of Moses performed a dangerous yet vital act with calm certainty. Here are enduring applications.

The Pilgrimage Concept

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 21, 2013
Are we living as strangers and pilgrims, a vital concept for the Christian journey? Throughout the Bible this is the rule, and here are its hardships and its many comforts, together with biblical dos and don'ts, and the resulting spiritual gains and benefits.

How to Choose by Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 25, 2013
Moses believed a centuries-old promise of deliverance for Israel, and renounced royal life to serve God. His sacrifice was immense, as were also the results. He looked away from earthly rewards, and looked to spiritual gain. Here are the applications for us today.

How Believers See Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 1, 2013
Unbelievers (and backsliders) see nothing, but faith views Christ in His Word and Work. Here are many ways in which we 'see' Him, especially His Person, power, affections and plans. We must view His all-surpassing qualities constantly, and do so with prayer, trust and submission.

How Shall We Escape?

- Rev. Maurice Roberts - Sunday PM September 8, 2013

Faith Subdued Kingdoms

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 22, 2013
The most magnificent passage of proofs from Bible history that faith in Christ and a loyal, prayerful life brings from our lives a 'good report', i.e.- the witness of God that we are His. Here are the faithful, what they did, and the corresponding deeds today.

The Heavenward Race

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 29, 2013
How God validates our faith in the eyes of others, if sin is laid aside. Also, how Christ regarded His debasement as temporary, and non-obstructive to the securing of joy for the redeemed, and how we should esteem our effect upon souls higher than our trials.

Our Battle and Cause

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 6, 2013
Famously called 'the greatest fight in the world' these verses show us how the hearts of believers may be kept zealously loyal to their high calling. Here is what it means to 'consider Him' and to keep ourselves from fainting in faith, and strong in passion for souls.

God’s Training Course

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 13, 2013
Here are the depths and riches of the Father's training of His people, representing His affection and plans for them. We may neglect it, becoming subject to the firmer disciplines here noted. How may we tell between chastisements, and afflictions for other purposes?

Recovering From a Spiritual Low

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 20, 2013
A low state of spiritual love, fervour, service and assurance may be speedily remedied by the blessing of God, and here is how. Here also is the duty of peace with worldlings, and the necessity of inward purity for a deep awareness of the Lord - by faith.

Our Vastly Superior Covenant

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM October 27, 2013
Good churches are soon corrupted and disabled by indifference to holy living, so believers are to watch over each other, thankful that they are not under the Old Testament order, but the altogether better order of Christ's people, bound for the heavenly Jerusalem. Here are the mighty differences.

Life’s Greatest Purpose

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM November 3, 2013
The climax of incentives to holiness is revealed as the greatness of the cause we serve. For we are not called to the Mosaic order, but the Gospel age; to the kingdom that shall never fall. Here are its contrasting and glorious features - and our duties.

The Voice of the Blood

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 6, 2013
Blood signifies violence, death and sacrifice - the blood of which was applied. Blood is emotive, showing the lengths to which Christ went for His own. Was atoning blood shed at Gethsemane or Gabbatha? How do we defeat Satan by the blood? Did Christ take His blood to Heaven?

Sensing Christ Near

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM November 10, 2013
Covetousness is a fierce spoiler of a believer's experience of the Lord. Here are its forms and effects, how it becomes an act of worship, and the remedies to be used to combat it. Here, also, are Christ's glorious kindnesses toward His people.

Memory – The Key to Spiritual Progress

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM November 17, 2013
Ways to remember great lessons of the spiritual life and doctrine; how undershepherds 'rule' as guides not by personal authority, but by faithful, applied preaching. What is not meant by the words 'obey' and 'submit' (v17) and the vital true sense.

Opposites Cannot Mix

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM December 1, 2013
Here - the doctrines of the faith are an anchor to avoid drift. Grace must be held to as the exclusive way of salvation; it cannot hold fellowship with 'works'. Proof that O.T. food laws have ceased. Reasons why Christian must never be 'culturally progressive'; loyalty to God is at…

This World is Not Our Place

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM December 8, 2013
The attitude of believers toward this doomed world; compassion but not restoration; in it but never of it; the stance of the Lord and of Bible history; soul-winning our great aim. Also, the central place of praise, and how we offer it in Christ's name.

Solid Assurances

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM December 22, 2013
This inspired prayer for the people begins by lifting up Almighty God, an all prayer must. The God of peace is extolled, the resurrected Christ, His authority over his people, His work as Shepherd, His all-accomplishing blood, and the covenant everlasting. Here are the assurances.

God ‘Working in You’

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM January 5, 2014
Holiness comes only by God's help. Why atheists cannot improve. Believers may resist God's work in them. Here are the good works we were converted for, with hindrances and helps. The importance of giving all glory to Christ (and the tragedy of evangelical celebrity culture).

Purging Away Guilt

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 19, 2014
Only God can purge the conscience. Here is why, and how He does it. Animal sacrifices could not do it; they were only illustrations of what God would do. Other religions proclaim no Saviour. Here is how we may know that our guilt is removed.

The Bible, God’s Voice

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM June 25, 2014

Moses-Man of Faith

- Pastor Roland Burrows - Wednesday PM September 24, 2014

Assurance, its Nature, Loss and Recovery

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 22, 2014
Assurance blesses the mind and also the emotions or feelings. Here are the forms it takes and what it feels like. Also, how the mind may function spiritually even when feelings fail to cooperate, and how assurance is lost, recovered and maintained.

How Shall We Escape?

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM March 29, 2015

Duty & Blessings of Christian Fellowship

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 5, 2015
A single study about fellowship drawn from a range of scriptures, covering the command and duty to love fellow believers, the hindrances and gains, personal attitudes and encouragements for advance in the mutual ministry and pleasure of friendship.

Approaching God In Prayer

- Pastor Jonathan Stobbs - Wednesday PM September 2, 2015

The Sitting Yet Standing Saviour

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday AM September 6, 2015

The Memory of the Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 3, 2016
The Bible speaks of an appointment that all will keep, when we shall stand before God to give account for our lives. Here is the role of memory (largely submerged now) that is revived for that decisive day. Here also is Christ's way of deliverance.

Let Us Come Boldly

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM April 6, 2016

Purging the Conscience

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 22, 2016
The existence of the conscience has invincible proof, but much modern thinking hates and rejects it, claiming it is merely a remnant of brainwashing. Certainly it may cause much trouble, even illness, but here is God's way for the conscience to be cleansed.

Why Die When You Could Live?

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM June 5, 2016

Using the Bible’s Anchor Texts

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 27, 2016
The spiritual warfare described, and Satan's attempts to undermine and draw into sin, worldly concerns, coldness, complacency and doubts. How perspective, assurance and zeal is gained, and the promises, in a sense, be inherited now. Here too is the significance of God's 'oath'.

Christ’s Love For Souls

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 2, 2017
The Bible speaks of a spiritual and moral gulf between God and mankind which can only be bridged by a mediator, Who must be divine as well as man. Here is the record of Jesus Christ and what He has accomplished to be our Saviour.

The ‘Like’ that Lasts Forever

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 21, 2017
At 40, Moses was a famous prince of Egypt, accomplished, admired and probably heading for the crown. But he left it all, preferring obedience to the one true God. Here are the factors which cause countless people down the centuries to take the same pathway.

Doubts About God’s Providence

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 21, 2017
Providence - God's fore-provision for all His aims - creation and perpetuation of all, including salvation; how freewill fits in; God's part in all troubles and the deep things they accomplish; the reasons for suffering and the mighty encouragements of Scripture.

Glory For Sinners

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM November 12, 2017

Hardening The Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 14, 2018
Unbelief in the Gospel is described in the Bible as wilful and deeply damaging to us, whereas modern thought says it is reasonable critical thinking. Here is the Bible's analysis of its cause and course, and how its cure is the greatest imaginable benefit.

Only By Faith

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM June 9, 2019

Why and What is Faith?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 15, 2019
Of itself, faith has no merit or power to earn God's favour, or to obtain life, yet it is vital to conversion. Here is what it is not, contrasted with what it is, showing what it believes and how it stretches out to receive salvation.

The Only Way to Remove Guilt

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 10, 2020
Guilt for sin must be forgiven for God to be found and Heaven reached.  Here are our common objections and the remedies we propose for calming and silencing any feelings of guilt.  But here also is God's salvation - the only way - leading us to Him.

Don’t be like Esau

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM September 6, 2020

Christ a enduré la Croix

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 27, 2020
Dimanche 27 septembre 2020, matin  Prédication de Dr Peter Masters La prééminence de Christ qui, par amour pour nous, est devenu notre bouc émissaire et notre Sauveur. L'accomplissement qu'Il connaissait par avance. Ce qu'Il a enduré à la Croix du Calvaire, et comment Il a maintenu une foi obéissante à travers…

Christ Enduring The Cross

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM September 27, 2020
The pre-eminence of Christ who condescended to be our scapegoat and Saviour. The accomplishments He foresaw. What He endured on Calvary's cross, and how He maintained obedient faith through the deepest conceivable valley of death. All the lovingkindness of the Lord in one verse. Full Service Recordings:.

To Die in Faith or Without Mercy

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM October 4, 2020

The Troubles of Unbelief

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 3, 2021
With great concern and sympathy the inspired writer warns that the 'heart' (encompassing mind, affections, will and conscience) may be luring us into unbelief or rebellion against God. Here are the dangers, and the only remedy for the power of unseen inner prejudice against God.

Les problèmes de l’incrédulité

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 3, 2021
Dimanche 3 janvier 2021, soir  Prédication de Dr Peter MastersL'auteur inspiré, préoccupé et plein de compassion, nous avertit du fait que le "coeur" (comprenant l'esprit, l'affection, la volonté et la conscience) peut nous attirer dans l'incrédulité ou dans la rébellion contre Dieu. Nous voyons ici les dangers, et le seul remède…

The Purging of Sin

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM April 25, 2021