Sunday PM May 3, 2020

The Complete Person

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Society today is confident that natural gifts are enough to achieve a happy and fulfilled life: God is unneccesary.  But Scripture shows that there are other 'gifts' that must be obtained from God to make a person complete.  Here are priceless things given to seekers only.
Sunday PM March 25, 2018

Character Traits That Destroy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The tragedy of human pride, affecting everyone, is here probed. God, the Bible says, arranges Himself in battle against the proud. Why is it so abhorrent to God? What are its forms and manifestations? How may we push through it to seek and find Him?
Sunday PM June 26, 2016

What Is Your Life?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The great question posed and answered by James, half-brother of the Lord Jesus Christ, illustrates life as a vapour, so brief, inconsequential, unstable, and insubstantial, with other deficiencies here unfolded. But the opposite characteristics fill our lives when we come to Christ.
Sunday PM December 1, 2013

Only God Can Make Us Complete

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
All people have their distinctive aptitudes as gifts, but no one is entire or complete, for vital faculties are missing until God works in our lives. Every 'good' and 'perfect' gift, says the Bible, comes from above. Here are the missing gifts, which God gives to those who seek Him.
Sunday PM August 25, 2013

To Whom Do We Submit?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
To know Christ we must first submit to Him, but who will? It offends our pride. But in rejecting God we unwittingly submit ourselves to a host of other influences and forces. How much better and greater is the love and power of the Saviour of souls.
Sunday AM January 6, 2013

The Motto Text of James

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It is the duty of believers to watch for backsliding with tender concern, and to win back wanderers. This leads James to state a magnificent and inspiring New Testament proverb or faithful saying, a motto for soul winners. Here is its meaning, encouragements and its powerful incentives.
Sunday AM December 30, 2012

Effective Prayer

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
(First 15 mins missing due to power cut.) Prayer is both an immense privilege and a great responsibility for saved people. This is about 'energised' prayer, concerned and pleading in character, and also zealous and persistent. Here are the obstacles and the way to overcome them: to pray with great…
Sunday AM December 23, 2012

The Practice of Patience

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Patience is described by James as a means of proving the Lord's affection and compassion, and also a route to great happiness. Here are the kinds of affliction that require patience; how it is obtained and exercised, and what it accomplishes in the spiritual life.
Sunday AM December 9, 2012

Seeing the Eternal Context

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The lot of materialists is vividly described by James, viewed in the light of eternity. They do not see it, but believers do, and so avoidance of earthly 'goods' is not hard. Here is advice on material things. Also, how the church family is far better than earthly things to…
Sunday AM December 2, 2012

God’s Will for Us

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
James gives two examples of how a worldly believer lives without reference to God: first in critical talk about other Christians, and secondly in deciding their own affairs without considering God's will and purpose. Here is how to be prayerfully available to God, the opposite of worldliness.
Sunday AM November 25, 2012


Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
James employs the imagery of two natures in the believer in showing how not to yield to worldly desires, but to resist the devil. Here praying 'amiss' is defined, and prayer priorities listed. Here also - how the Spirit gives far superior favours than those of the world.
Sunday AM November 18, 2012

Testing Our Spiritual Wisdom

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
James chooses a word for 'knowledge' used only once in the New Testament. It speaks of specialised knowledge - like military intelligence - of Satan's wiles and how to defeat him. Do we have it? Here is the all-enabling, non-self-seeking wisdom that is from above.
Sunday AM November 11, 2012

Bridling the tongue for Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This famous passage on the frightening potential of the tongue also gives us a powerful instrument in the pursuit of holiness. Don't you know, James seems to say, that by control of the tongue (with God's help) you can control all your faculties and passions. Here is how.
Sunday AM November 4, 2012

Dead and Living Faith Compared

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This passage seems to teach justification by works as well as faith. But James insists that true saving faith is evidenced in a new life of obedience and sacrifice. We should seek nothing less in days when worldly evangelicalism and a new form of Calvinism have united with the world.
Sunday AM October 28, 2012

Discrimination in the Church

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Intermingled with uplifting terms about Christ and the rewards of faith, James shows the sinfulness of discrimination, whether partiality or preference shown through wealth, class, ethnicity or similar distinction. All need salvation by faith alone. Here also the 'royal law' of 'liberty' is defined.
Sunday AM October 21, 2012

Doctrine Not Applied is Vain

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Western surge in the promotion of Calvinism in churches is not always accompanied by reform of conduct, or separation from the world. A great gulf is seen between belief and practice. James deals with this very situation, and with how we must all face our inconsistent ways.
Sunday AM October 14, 2012

The Trials of Character

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
How to handle poverty or wealth, and temptations to sin that come from within ourselves. The source is inner corruption, and here are the precautions and remedies for halting their development, especially vital when the world presses us as never before.
Sunday AM October 7, 2012

The Trials of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
From the Pastor of the church at Jerusalem came the first of all NT epistles, and its first theme is troubles. The inspired writer does not primarily dispense comfort, but calls us to understand the purposes and respond well, telling us how to handle tests of faith.