Outside or Inside the Kingdom?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 16, 2017
So often people seem to have no inclination whatsoever to know about God, or what His plans may be. Here is why this is, and how much we miss, if this is our case, and what lies ahead if we do not find Him.

Key Lessons from Job

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 18, 2020
The excellencies of Job, the encounters of Satan with God, Job (unknowingly) placed by God to demonstrate the reality of conversion, his crushing afflictions, the shock of his friends, and his magnificent poem of dismay - and the blessings he lost sight of (like us).

The Case Against Evangelicalism

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 25, 2020
Eliphaz begins the attack by the so-called friends. Resenting Job's evangelical salvation, and protecting their works theology, they insist he is a hypocrite under judgement. They deny that God requires holiness - only a pass mark. With pastoral lessons from Job's first reply.

The Need for Revelation

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 2, 2020
Job's 'friends' increase in hostility with charges of hypocrisy. Job clings to his evangelical view of grace, and upholds God's perfection, but lapses into self-pity. He then eloquently trounces and disproves the liberal theology of the friends, and proclaims his testimony of salvation.

Pastoral Lessons from Job

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 9, 2020
Job longs for an explanation of his suffering, and for vindication before his 'friends'. As his friends denigrate him, and his gloom deepens, he is suddenly given a moment of revelation about his personal Redeemer-God, incarnate, and visible to him in a final resurrection.

Job – Strengths and Vulnerabilities

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 16, 2020
Job is denounced by his justified-by-works friends, but refutes their ideas. He criticises God for not having a complaints procedure for people like himself, yet at the same time, he witnesses to his friends in a magnificent poem on finding wisdom and truth.

The Vulnerabilities of the Seasoned Saint

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 6, 2021
Charged with extreme hypocrisy by his friends, Job describes the virtuous works of his public and private life. But despite his godliness he seems to over-relish his wealth and station, and shows no evangelical compassion for the outcasts of society.

Truth Unfolded to Job

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 13, 2021
Elihu is a true messenger of God, whose reproof of Job is confined to Job's post-affliction reactions. His noble speeches anticipate the very words of God, soon to follow, and he gives a full explanation of God's use of affliction in the lives of His people.

The Voice of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 20, 2021
Here are elements of Job's humbling (vital for light, pardon and blessing) showing how the Lord works in the lives of all His people. Here also are pastoral lessons drawn from the wild goats, asses and oxen, and from the ostrich and the warhorse.

Challenged by Beasts

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 3, 2021
We take the beasts to be a hippopotamus and crocodile, both teaching trust, the power and invincibility of God (for if He made them they must reflect His infinitely greater capacities) and the contrasting weakness displayed by Job.

The Triumph of Job

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 10, 2021
Job is humbled, repenting of his questioning of God. But he is accepted as a saved man. The 'friends' however are condemned and must repent of their false views of God. Job is restored but only when he brings forth fruits meet for repentance.