Sunday AM April 4, 2021

Disciples at the Empty Tomb

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
John was the first disciple to grasp the reality of the resurrection and realise that the Lord 'must' rise again from the dead. Here are the reasons why it was essential and inevitable, together with the great assurances it brings into Christian lives.
Sunday PM March 28, 2021

Finding an Inner Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The last thing on the mind of the Samaritan woman who encountered Christ at Jacob's well at Sychar was her soul. Here is the Lord's way of awakening her need and understanding for a personal walk with God, with joy and eternal life.
Sunday PM March 14, 2021

Unique Words of Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
No one has ever spoken like Jesus Christ. Vast crowds listened spellbound to Him, so gentle yet full of authority, so clear and yet so profound. His words to the soul have brought millions to find Him. Listen to some of His calls to human hearts.
Sunday PM March 7, 2021

Four Life-Giving Surprises

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here are essential facts (from John the Baptist) that many people do not know about Christ. (1) He has come to earth, (2) He alone takes away sin, (3) There is no other Saviour of the world, (4) He is easy to approach.
Sunday PM December 27, 2020

Seeing Heaven Now

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Friday AM December 25, 2020

Five Reasons for the Incarnation

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Five of the purposes named in the Gospels by the Lord for His incarnation. Here is the confirmation of human status before God, the need to reveal God, the beginning of the full light of truth, the procuring of salvation, and the beginning of judgement.
Sunday PM August 30, 2020

Finding Truth and Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What did Christ mean when he said 'I am the light of the world'?  Here is why he is the supreme light, and the reason for the world's continuance, and how following him leads us to walk with God now and for ever. Full Service Recordings:
Sunday PM April 12, 2020

The Nature of Spiritual Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The coming of Christ into the world was unique and essential for the provision of spiritual life to needy people.  But why do so many have no idea of their need of it?  Here are its transforming qualities, and how it is received.
Sunday AM April 12, 2020

Behold Your King!

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
We consider the astonishing condescension of Christ, to leave the infinite glory of Heaven, and to enter the cesspit of our world to suffer, die and rise again for His enemies.  Here is a glimpse of the pre-incarnate and risen glory of our great Redeemer.
Sunday PM March 1, 2020

A Miracle For All Times

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
When Christ healed the paralysed man at Bethesda's pool, He provided a challenge that would span the centuries. Here are the stages of reconciliation with God: a hopeless scene; a listless person; Christ's unsought initiative; a vital question; an impossible command, and a glorious outcome.
Sunday PM February 23, 2020

Water to Every Thirsty Soul

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM January 12, 2020

The Justice of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Judgement Day is almost unmentionable in today's society, yet it awaits us all at the end of time. Here is the motive of God's justice, how He has made His standards known, and how Christ secures release from judgement for all who trust in Him.
Sunday AM December 1, 2019

Life’s Greatest Mental Block

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The scribes of Christ's day were accomplished men, but a strange fog clouded their reaction to Him. Though amazed at His person and teaching, they refused to listen. Here is why, and how the same mental block shuts us off from God today.
Sunday PM November 24, 2019

Free Indeed In Christ

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM June 30, 2019

The Two Pillars of Christianity

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The moral law of God is an act of great kindness, intended to give order to the human race and to show how far short of God's standards we fall, and how greatly we need free forgiveness. Here is how we receive grace from God.
Sunday AM May 12, 2019

Glorifying God in Life and Death

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Why does the risen Lord tell Peter he will die a martyr? How did this glorify God and why was Peter told that John's future should not concern him? Here are the reasons and their importance to us as individuals and churches today.
Sunday PM May 5, 2019

The Source of Eternal Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It is amazing that Jesus Christ the Son of God, who entered into the world, should describe Himself as the 'bread of life'. Here is why He came in humble form, what He did to atone for sinners, and how we come to Him.
Sunday AM May 5, 2019

Resurrection Counsel

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A resurrection appearance of Christ to seven disciples gives a final lesson on dependence upon Him for all future blessing. Then, the threefold restoration of Peter shows love for Christ is the key to blessing and the antidote to self-love and disloyalty.
Sunday AM April 21, 2019

The Strategy of Resurrection

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It is clear the resurrection was completely unexpected by the disciples. Here is how it came, first by gentle intimation, then with a caution, then as a proof of Christ's successful atonement, and then as a command to trust in the living Lord.
Friday AM April 19, 2019

Aspects of Calvary

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The outward aspects of Calvary show the very evil for which the Lord atoned (on behalf of the redeemed). We see vividly portrayed His humiliation, along with human dishonesty, rejection of Himself, corruption and theft. For all these He paid an indescribable price inwardly.
Sunday AM April 14, 2019

The Trials of Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Gospel of John here reveals the repeated failure in understanding and loyalty of a representive disciple, the deep dishonesty of the Jewish leaders, and the unwavering purpose and dignity of the Son of God throughout the multiple unjust, overnight hearings leading to Calvary.
Sunday AM April 7, 2019

Christian Distinctives

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In the course of this great 'high priestly' prayer, the Lord reveals the purpose of the Christian calling, the vital distinctives of a true Christian faith, and the Christian's future destiny. Then the hour of redemptive work arrives, and He proceeds so calmly to Calvary.
Sunday AM March 10, 2019

Sanctify Them Through Thy Truth

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sanctification (purification, consecration and commitment) by the Word is the will of Christ for His own, and here we turn to the first three of the Ten Commandments to challenge our souls. How should these be applied today in our lives and churches?
Sunday AM March 3, 2019

The Characteristics of True Believers

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Believers are those who have 'seen' God and His ways. They are interceded for and kept, in order to reflect and speak of Christ. They are separated from the world and dedicated to the joy and service of Christ, and they are sanctified by the Word.
Sunday AM February 24, 2019

The Lord’s High Priestly Prayer

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A prayer expressing the united will of the Godhead for things about to be secured by the work of Christ. Awed disciples learn, and generations of believers receive mighty assurance. This introduction shows Christ praying as prophet, priest and king for all His own.
Sunday AM February 17, 2019

Christ’s Last Promises to His Disciples

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The very final briefing of the Saviour to the disciples before His arrest tells of much yet to be taught them (by the Spirit), of Christ being 'seen' (by the Spirit), of their new liberty in prayer, and of their great joy - all ongoing promises for believers.
Sunday AM February 10, 2019

The Era of the Spirit

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ speaks of the Spirit's work convicting of sin (unbelief being the crowning sin), convincing of the perfection of Christ and our dependence on Him, and convincing of the judgement to come. As these things were preached, the Spirit would convict and convince souls.
Sunday AM January 27, 2019

The Church and the World

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Saviour taught that people generally, locked in the world system, whatever their surface attitude, detest Him and His message. History shows this to be so. Here are the various forms of hatred, the reasons behind them, and the biblical response of Gospel workers.
Sunday AM January 20, 2019

Chosen for Service

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sublime words of Christ about mutual love between believers, about the privilege of being loved by Him, of being told all things by Him, of being 'elected' to salvation and service, commissioned, and equipped with the power of prayer. An overwhelming inspiration to full commitment.
Sunday AM January 13, 2019

The Parable of the Vine

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's instructions to the apostles defining the Christian life. He begins with the New Covenant, and how He is the true vine securing redemption for His people. He also defines 'fruit' (the essential evidence of conversion) and what it means to 'abide' in Himself.
Sunday AM January 6, 2019

Lessons in Love

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Five expressions of love for Christ all found in this passage - all being a key to ongoing assurance, and all stirring greater love. For a new year, we see Christ's words - love learns, love trusts, love identifies, love serves and love obeys.
Sunday AM December 23, 2018

Christ Tells of the Spirit

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In this last teaching discourse to the apostles the Lord impresses upon them things they have not yet grasped, especially about the Holy Spirit: that He is a divine Person, giving spiritual illumination and assurance, and impressing Christ on the hearts of believers.
Sunday AM December 16, 2018

How Christ Builds Our Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The day before Calvary, with the disciples, Christ gives a fourfold remedy for their deficiencies. They must grasp the necessity of faith, the heavenly objective, His pivotal atonement, and His equality with the Father. Only then can they fulfil their commission.
Sunday AM December 9, 2018

Seeing Things Unseen

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Having washed the disciples' feet, Christ revealed to them seven vital immediate events - the betrayal, their future work, the ugliness of hypocrisy, the need for heart-searching before the Lord's Supper, the direction of events, how humiliation would bring glory, and the future church.
Sunday AM December 2, 2018

Washing the Disciples’ Feet

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A symbolic act with four moving lessons for the future apostles, just before Christ went to Calvary, showing his love for his own, his coming humiliation, his cleansing of them, and the humility of bearing and life (essential to them and all believers in order to be used by God).
Sunday AM November 25, 2018

Christ’s Final Public Message

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The profound meaning of 'now is the judgement of this world', and the scornful questions of the masses, revealing their problem, then the Lord's last great appeal before Calvary, then the mysterious hardening of the heart of the people, plus green shoots of conversion.
Sunday AM November 18, 2018

Seven Voices For Calvary

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Almost like a Greek play with seven scenes, the apostle John (in twenty verses) tracks seven distinct sources of powerful authenticating views about Christ as Messiah, including the words of Christ Himself and the Father. Here also is the Lord's call to salvation.
Sunday AM November 11, 2018

The Momentous Supper

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
John's record of the last days of the earthly life of the Lord begins with the supper at Bethany - a remarkable picture of Christian worship and commitment seen in Martha's service, the testimony of Lazarus, and Mary's demonstration of faith by the symbol of anointing.
Sunday AM November 4, 2018

God’s Superior Power

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Two months before Calvary, the ruling council of chief priests and clergy assembled to plan the death of Jesus of Nazareth. Their folly is here tracked to show how everything they thought and planned was overruled and re-shaped by the sovereign power of Christ.
Sunday AM October 28, 2018

Deepening Conviction

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Over several days, the Lord gave three clear intimations that He would raise Lazarus from the dead, but the disciples, then Martha, in varying degrees, could not take in His words. Faith triumphed in the end, and here is the history of growing conviction.
Sunday PM October 21, 2018

Why God Insists on Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sin is the impassable barrier between God and men, which must be removed and forgiven before reconciliation. Repentance is not enough. There must also be faith. Here is why, what faith must be in, and why alternatives are disastrous.
Sunday AM October 21, 2018

Learning Christ’s Methods

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Surrounding Christ in the temple precincts four months before Calvary, the teachers of the Jews attempt to ensnare Him, but the encounter reveals seven elements of the Lord's approach to lost souls, all of which teach believers how they should proceed.
Sunday AM October 14, 2018

The New Messianic Order

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Six months before Calvary the Lord uses the Good Shepherd allegory to portray salvation and the new church order. Here is the contrast between Satan's 'shepherds' and the Lord. Here also is the call of the Gospel, and the gifts of salvation bestowed by Christ.
Sunday AM October 7, 2018

Seeing Christ at Work

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Announced by Christ as a demonstration of His saving work, picturing repentance as central to saving faith. Also here is a statement of commission to successive believers, a view of Christ's divine attributes, and a glimpse of the demise of the Jewish priesthood.
Sunday AM September 23, 2018

Christ – The Key to Knowledge

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Jerusalem 'clergy' failed to see the Lord in the clear promises of Genesis and subsequently, so His words made no sense to them. Here is how Christ is the chief rule of interpretation, and the key to understanding all human history.
Sunday PM September 2, 2018

Things Man Cannot Do, Without Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Mankind has been enabled by the Creator to accomplish many things, but without Christ we cannot see, taste or know spiritual realities, overcome flaws and sins, be reconciled with God, know deep purpose and happiness, or have eternal life. Here is how we find Christ.
Sunday AM September 2, 2018

Grades of Belief

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In a vast temple court, the Lord declares Himself the light of the world, but the Pharisees reject His divinity. Here, He reasons with them, giving a solemn warning. The shallow belief of some of them urges us to be sure of genuine conversion.
Sunday AM August 26, 2018

The Divine Wisdom and Grace of Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Scribes - experts in the law - devise an inescapable trap for Christ, determined to frame charges against Him, but He confounds them, turning the attention of the crowd to salvation. Here also is 'I am the light of the world,' and what it means to possess Him.
Sunday AM August 19, 2018

The Threefold Delusion

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Pharisees and chief priests thought they had communion with God, power to vanquish Christ, and knowledge of the Scriptures. In reality, they had none of these, as this passage shows. Here also is Christ's great call to the thirsty to receive life and power by the Spirit.
Sunday AM August 12, 2018

Reactions to Christ on Earth

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The attitude to Christ of His own brothers (before their conversion), then of the common people crowded into Jerusalem from throughout the land for the feast of tabernacles, then of the leaders, and then of the residents of Jerusalem. Here also are the lessons.
Sunday AM July 22, 2018

Words of Eternal Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ exclusively has the words of eternal life, but it is enriching to understand that this is a comprehensive term that refers to a host of features of eternal glory, reviewed here. If these are not appreciated and wanted, one cannot really desire eternal life.
Sunday PM July 8, 2018

A Miracle of Believing

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday AM July 8, 2018

Christ Reveals Calvary

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
About a year before Calvary, the Lord preached at Capernaum promises of eternal life to all who received His bodily work for sinners. They would, He said, be 'drawn' by the irresistible grace of God to find true and living union with Him.
Sunday AM July 1, 2018

Earthly or Heavenly Salvation?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The discourse of the Saviour to followers who sought a political rather than a spiritual salvation. Here is His presentation of His divinity, His life-giving work, His salvation promises, and His explanation of the Father's preparatory work in the hearts of those who believe.
Sunday AM June 24, 2018

The Testing of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The building of faith in the great calling of saved people - how slowly it deepens, without thought. Here is the testing of the disciples, with lessons, in the feeding of the 5000, and Christ's earthly power in walking on, and calming, the storm-tossed sea.
Sunday AM June 17, 2018

Earth or Heaven?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Early in His ministry, Christ challenged the Jews, proclaiming a spiritual resurrection for all who 'heard' His voice, and a future bodily resurrection. Again, He asserted His divine sonship, authenticated by the Father through His mighty works, and through the scriptures - especially Moses.
Sunday AM June 10, 2018

The House of Mercy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The startling question 'Wilt thou be made whole?' exposes the human indifference to salvation, broken only by Christ's initiative in opening the heart to mercy. Here are lessons in salvation; also - Christ's unambiguous assertion of His divinity, which became the real basis of all hostility.
Sunday AM June 3, 2018

Sowers and Reapers

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The harvesting of souls is the Saviour's stated source of great satisfaction, and will be ours also if it governs our priorities and prayers. Here also is the power of witness, and the nature of saving faith in the case of the nobleman of Capernaum.
Wednesday PM May 30, 2018

Factors that Make or Mar Christian Happiness

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is the Lord's own teaching on the maintaining of Christian joy, including reflection on conversion blessings, rewards in striving for holiness, seeing the risen Christ near at hand by faith, a life of answered prayer, the practice of anticipation, and the right handling of trials.
Sunday AM May 27, 2018

The Woman at the Well

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's exhaustion shows His astonishing love in assuming the limitations of human nature for salvation. His encounter with a brazenly reluctant hearer, unable to grasp spiritual wonders until He revealed His identity, reflects all experience of conversion. Here also are the golden rules of worship.
Sunday AM May 13, 2018

The Forerunner Bows to Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is the exemplary modesty of the Baptist in yielding the crowd to Christ, and his exalting of Christ's divinity. Also, we see how crowds desired baptism without deep belief, explaining why John's Gospel emphasises belief in Christ's redeeming purpose (which leads to repentance).
Wednesday PM May 2, 2018

Deepening Our Love for the Lord

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Love for Christ is constantly eroded by other concerns, and by salvation and blessing being taken for granted. Here scriptures show how admiration is maintained together with indebtedness, Christ-likeness and trust in Him. These deepen love. Here also is discerning love - the vital kind.
Sunday AM April 29, 2018

Christ’s Own Appeal to Souls

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
How the Lord presented salvation by grace to Nicodemus, showing that it was always given to individuals, through faith, by the immeasurable love of God in Christ. Here also is the Lord explaining why people refuse to believe, and his appeal to Nicodemus to repent.
Sunday AM April 22, 2018

The Lord’s Agenda

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A ruling pharisee, possibly exploring cooperation between Christ and the Temple order, comes by night, but the Lord teaches that only a new birth purchased by Himself, wrought directly by God, and revealed throughout Scripture, can save people, whether pharisees or ordinary Jews and Gentiles.
Sunday AM April 8, 2018

Christ Purges His Temple

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Lord's purity cannot allow the shameful hypocrisy of Temple conduct, and by an act of divine power He casts out the commerce, and prophesies His own death and resurrection (as well as the fall of the Temple), providing lessons for spiritual living today.
Sunday AM March 25, 2018

The Beginning of Miracles

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
First we see the message of the miracle; second - the insurmountable problem; third - the necessity of obedience; fourth - the quality of the miracle; fifth - the results. The disciples saw Christ's divine power and the nature of His saving work.
Sunday AM March 18, 2018

The Biography of a Soul

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The encounter of the first disciples with Christ reflects the experience of all believers, embracing a considerable surprise, a deep sense of need, a compulsion to share Christ, a new character, light on the Word and the progressive discovery of even 'greater things'.
Sunday AM March 11, 2018

John’s Gospel of New Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
John the Baptist, the forerunner, was needed because of extreme spiritual barrenness. He called thousands to repentance, but most remained unsaved, never receiving Christ's spiritual baptism - the new birth. Here are lessons to us, and also the saving work of Christ - the Lamb of God.
Sunday AM March 4, 2018

Christ’s Infinite Qualities

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Four elevating verses, first, presenting Christ's eternal existence and amazing condescension to His people; secondly, showing His limitless capacity, and the meaning of 'grace for grace'; thirdly, extolling His mighty accomplishments, and fourthly, telling how He reveals and 'exegetes' the Father to provide our spiritual experiences.
Sunday AM February 25, 2018

The Light of Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Reflections on the magnificent introduction to John, glorifying Christ; eternally equal with the Father (no eternal submission), Creator and fountain of life, obscured by the Fall but always saving souls, rejected by the world but 'tabernacling' among us for the salvation of those 'born of God'.
Sunday PM February 11, 2018

The Necessity of a New Birth

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Being 'born again' is a greatly debased term today through light usage, but it is vital to genuine conversion and spiritual life. Here is how Christ's term brings to life what happens when people come to Christ, what it feels like and what it leads to.
Monday AM December 25, 2017

The Immeasurable Love of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This best known of all Bible verses speaks of the scale of God's love for this present disordered world. It is, of course, a love of vast compassion that sent the noblest and highest, the Eternal Son, to redeem. Here is soul-saving love.
Sunday PM December 24, 2017

Light and Power from God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Our greatest needs in life are light and understanding about the reason for our being, an explanation of the state of the world, and how we may relate to God and have a future life. Finding Christ is the solution, and knowing His power.
Sunday PM October 15, 2017

When Mercy Meets Misery

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM October 1, 2017

The Words of Eternal Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
We track the events of an astounding chapter that sees many disciples turn away from Christ.  It was the opposite of what usually happened.  They found Christ's statements about eternal life unpalatable.  Why?  The answer moves us to take seriously the needs of the soul.
Sunday PM September 17, 2017

Promises For Seekers

Sermon by Rev. John Thackway
Sunday AM August 20, 2017

Christ Teaches Fruitfulness

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A final teaching miracle by the risen Lord trains seven apostles to see key principles of service and instrumentality, including the threefold reproof and restoration of Peter, and the lessons for us, especially on the nature of true love for Christ leading to lifelong loyalty.
Sunday PM July 23, 2017

The Real Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What is Christ really like? How does He compare with the mighty of this world? What is it like to meet Him in prayer? How do Christian believers 'prove' Him and know Him? Is it mere hope and imagination? Here are answers, and the terms.
Sunday AM July 23, 2017

Let Calvary Speak

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A devotional study of significant events at Calvary: (1) Christ's garments stripped, (2) the bravery of four women, (3) Christ's compassion to Mary, (4) His last triumphant report to the Father, (5) the proof of His death, (6) the new-found boldness of formerly-secret disciples.
Wednesday PM July 19, 2017

The Holy Spirit at Work Within Us

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Two hours before his betrayal the Lord speaks of the Holy Spirit's indwelling work and also of his work in the world, effectively giving the rules for all preaching and witness. Here also is the Spirit's illumination of the Word – the only authority for Christians.
Sunday AM July 9, 2017

‘Abide In Me’ – The True Meaning

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Union with Christ is the greatest imaginable privilege of the redeemed, and vital for progress in sanctification and usefulness to the Lord. But what exactly does it mean to abide in Christ, and to allow Him to abide in us? Here are biblical directions.
Sunday PM June 11, 2017

The Humbling Analogy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Our pride instinctively recoils from being depicted in the Bible as sheep, but it is a profound and challenging depiction that enables us to see the depth of our spiritual need, and the costly and glorious work of Christ, the shepherd of lost souls.
Sunday AM April 16, 2017

The Amazing Day

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The day of Christ's resurrection which transformed the disciples, except for Thomas. Here are the reasons for his cynicism, swept away by his seeing the Lord. Here also is the promised blessedness of Gospel age believers, when signs would give way to faith alone.
Sunday PM March 12, 2017

How Christ Calls

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
When Christ called the first disciples, He asked three things of them. They must first see their need of Him. Then secondly, accept the changed life He gives and thirdly yield their lives to follow Him. Here is how they came to see Him as God and Saviour, and respond.
Sunday PM March 5, 2017

The Reality of Knowing Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
There are really only two forms of religion: one where you only know about God (or 'gods') and the other where you know Him in an unmistakable personal way. Here are Christ's words about His 'friends', how this comes about, and what it is like.
Sunday AM December 25, 2016

The Speech of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Great themes including – Christ as the Word, what it means; how He speaks by creation and in redemption; the sense in which He imparts life to all; the three needs of mankind – light, forgiveness and life; also the meaning of 'grace for grace'.
Sunday AM October 30, 2016

Finding Peace With God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Bible portrays the human problem as a rebellion or war against God, with all the consequences of war picturing the trouble in our lives. Christ is the Saviour who gives peace (reconciliation) with all its benefits, and who rebuilds lives. Here is how.
Sunday PM October 9, 2016

Sure Evidence of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Even scientists do not always consider how much of the human condition cannot be explained by scientific knowledge, including vast matters such as consciousness. Here are evidences for God, including aspects of Christian conversion that can only come about if God is at work in the soul.
Sunday AM September 11, 2016

Seeing The Cross of Christ

Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sunday AM September 4, 2016

The Lamb of God

Sermon by Pastor Roland Burrows
Wednesday PM August 24, 2016

Comfort For Troubled Souls

Sermon by Pastor Jonathan Stobbs
Sunday AM July 31, 2016

Nominalism and Prejudice

Sermon by Pastor Roger Brazier
Wednesday PM July 13, 2016

Christ Teaches on Christian Fellowship

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Spoken exclusively to the disciples, here are texts commanding love between believers. In imitation of Christ's own, love must be sacrificial, generous and helpful, and not self-concerned. Also, how spiritual joy relates to love, and what it means to be 'one' in John 17.
Sunday PM July 3, 2016

Levels of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It is amazing to possess conscious life and feeling; to perceive, to reason, and to enjoy family and social companionship. But what about spiritual life? Why should the soul be dormant and inactive? Here is the reason, and how Christ gives complete life by conversion to Himself.
Wednesday PM June 22, 2016

Christ’s Teaching on the Holy Spirit

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Spoken exclusively to the apostles, here is the Lord's teaching on the Spirit of Truth, of communion, of holiness, of illumination and of witness. Also, Christ's words on the unique advantages of blessing by the Spirit, and His discrete, unostentatious, inconspicuous stance.
Sunday PM June 19, 2016

Things We Have Never Seen

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's literal healing of a man born blind was intended to picture the healing of spiritual blindness. Here are the things we do not see in life, in ourselves, in God, or in the future. Only God's Word gives understanding of life and conversion.
Wednesday PM June 15, 2016

Christ Teaches Assurance

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The future apostles are taught the steps to be taken when the soul is wounded or jaded, vital for all who love and serve the Lord. Here are the Lord's five themes for reflection, enabling obedience to, 'Let not your heart be troubled'.
Sunday AM March 27, 2016

A Resurrection Test of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The reaction of the disciples to the resurrection brings powerful pastoral help to believers today. It was such a shock, and they were reproved by the Lord for their unbelief. But unbelief still works in us, to some degree: here is how, and the healing remedy.
Wednesday PM March 16, 2016

Looking More Closely at Calvary

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A review of the wonders of the Cross: as a sacrifice, the 'stripes' of suffering, the heights of love, the obedience of Christ, His purchase of creation, assurance secured, the power, the example, and the defeat of Satan. How to appreciate Calvary.
Sunday PM March 6, 2016

The Only Way to God

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM October 4, 2015

What is Truth?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
'The Truth' is greater than the total of all the facts in the world, reaching beyond material things to the purpose of life. Christ's declaration that He is ' The Truth' makes Him the reason for the world's existence, and the key to finding God.
Sunday PM September 6, 2015

Passed From Death Unto Life

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM August 30, 2015

The New Birth

Sermon by Dr. Nick Needham
Wednesday PM July 22, 2015

Maintaining Union With Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Significance of the vine and the branches picturing Christ and His people, and the daily privilege of abiding in Him. The three-fold fruit - character, praise and witness - and the vital means of abiding listed by the Saviour, all contributing to the realisation of His presence and power.
Wednesday PM July 8, 2015

Regeneration and Gospel Persuasion

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Even preachers are often confused about whether they should use reasoning in Gospel preaching. Paul persuaded all the time, and so did Reformers, Puritans and preachers in Awakenings. The old Calvinistic view of regeneration compelled it, but today's view crushes it. What are the differences?
Sunday PM May 31, 2015

If Only You Knew

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The title mirrors words of Christ to a spiritually confused person. If only we knew about God, and ourselves, and what Christ has done for us! Here are samples of present day unawareness of eternal realities, and how these may be proved.
Sunday AM April 5, 2015

The Story of Resurrection

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Many prophecies shine out of the Old Testament about the resurrection of the Messiah and His people, and here are striking examples, showing that resurrection is a key theme. The Lord spoke repeatedly of His own resurrection and here are the reasons and the benefits.
Sunday PM March 15, 2015

Four Unexpected Features of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Most people are surprised - even shocked - when they hear these four vital facts of the Christian faith. Yet these have been the means of drawing vast numbers to seek Christ since He came to earth. Here is how John the Baptist introduced the Saviour
Sunday PM February 1, 2015

Christ Teaches on Eternal Destiny

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In teaching the afterlife, Christ speaks of 'seeing' death, which includes tasting it. He describes the most terrible experience conceivable, leading to judgement. But those, He says, who believe His message will never see it. Here is how He is able to deliver believers.
Sunday PM January 18, 2015

If Any Man Thirst

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Before vast crowds from many lands disperse from Jerusalem after the Feast of Tabernacles, Christ stands in the Temple to give a stirring appeal that will be spread afar. Here is His passionate call to draw people to know and walk with Him.
Sunday PM December 14, 2014

Real Freedom

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Many strive for liberty from laws, daily toil and even the thought of God; but Jesus Christ said there is one true freedom - release from the power and condemnation of sin. All other freedoms bring their own bonds, but pardon and spiritual life give unsurpassed peace and strength.
Sunday PM December 7, 2014

Gaining Eternal Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ, in great sympathy, dissuades a multitude from toiling primarily for earthly satisfaction which fails and perishes, to seek as first priority the spiritual life that He gives freely, that expands into everlasting experience. Here is what He gives, and how He imparts it.
Sunday PM November 16, 2014

The Best Ever Last Words

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Almost the last words of Christ - 'It is finished' - refer chiefly to the tornado of punishment taken on Calvary's cross on our behalf. Here is what He 'finished' for us, such as fear of death and eternal loss. With Christ, our life will never finish.
Sunday PM October 19, 2014

Where to meet Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
True religion is a meeting with God, but how and where and on what terms? What does God require from us? In a society that suppresses all thought and knowledge of God, here is the teaching of Christ about how He may be found.
Sunday PM August 10, 2014

Our Human Limitations

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's statement that without Him people can accomplish nothing refers first to spiritual things, but also to all of life. How limited is mankind! Here are just the main shortcomings, the missing factor that causes them, and the difference that it makes to know Christ.
Wednesday PM June 4, 2014

Andrew The Soul Winner

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM May 4, 2014

No Teacher Like Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
There was never a teacher like Christ. No one has ever been so understandable, and yet so profound and compelling. Here are examples of the unique superiority of His message and style. Everything He said has come to pass. Why trust your life (and soul) to others?
Sunday PM April 27, 2014

Securing a New Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Saviour's illustration of grain being sown to bring about a crop describes His atoning death on Calvary. It also pictures the laying down of a seeker's old life so that he may be given a new life by God. Here is how we must approach Him.
Sunday PM March 30, 2014

The End of Time

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's teaching on the end of the world and what will happen to us all in the last judgement. We learn in scripture of mankind being divided into two vast groups - believers in Christ and unbelievers. Here is how we may be counted among those who have eternal life.
Sunday PM January 26, 2014

The Gains of the Christian Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The coming of Christ was unique, extraordinary, and essential - if people are to be enabled to find and know God. He came to give spiritual life to countless individuals who believe in Him. Here are the immense gains of spiritual life, and how it may be received.
Wednesday AM December 25, 2013

The Unseen Lord

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sunday PM October 27, 2013

A Miracle that Demonstrates Conversion

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ constantly combined compassionate works of healing with illustrations of spiritual conversion. His healing of the helpless man at Bethesda's Pool is a remarkable example, showing the dramatic course and features of how Christ is to be approached, and what He will do for seekers.
Sunday PM September 22, 2013

The Door to Real Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
'I am the door,' said Christ, providing one of the richest analogies in the Bible to describe the experience of coming to know Him, and entering into His kingdom. Here earthly doors of opportunity with their limited gains are contrasted with the great door of conversion.
Sunday PM September 8, 2013

The Incarnation of Christ

Sermon by Rev. Maurice Roberts
Sermon by Rev Maurice Roberts
Wednesday PM August 14, 2013

It Is Finished

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday AM August 11, 2013

Seeing Jesus

Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sunday PM July 28, 2013

Behold the Lamb of God

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM June 30, 2013

How to Become a Child of God

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM June 16, 2013

God So Loved

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Wednesday PM May 29, 2013

“Woman, behold thy son!”

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM April 28, 2013

How to Obtain Eternal Life

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM March 31, 2013

The Phenomenon of Conversion

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The message in Christ's feeding of 5000 men is to show that He is the sole source of spiritual life, and to highlight the very surprising nature of conversion as an experience. Also, the free nature of it and how God must be approached
Sunday PM March 3, 2013

The Two Pillars of All Wisdom

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Before we know the Bible, we have a distorted view of it, thinking the Old and New Testaments contradict each other. Here are the two great themes that run through both, God's law and God's grace, both representing His kindness and leading us to find Him.
Sunday PM November 25, 2012

The Light of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Lord's second great public declaration of His messiahship using the words, 'I am'. The prophets said 'the sun of righteousness' would arise, and He duly came, working countless authenticating healing miracles. Here is how He is light to our souls if we yield to Him.
Sunday PM November 18, 2012

Gaining an Inner Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ uses water as an illustration of all that we need to support physical life and contentment - but it has limits. He then uses 'living water' to illustrate the inner spiritual life that only He can give. Do we have this 'more abundant life' which never ends?
Sunday PM November 11, 2012

Being Born Again

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A sermon in a single verse from the Saviour of the World tells us not to be astonished or offended that a complete renewal of life and nature - performed by God - is essential in order to know Him, and go to Heaven. Here is the way to life.
Sunday PM October 14, 2012

Why People Can’t Believe

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
When the disciple Nathaniel was called to follow Christ, he had initial doubts, soon dispelled by the Lord. Here are our doubts and barriers to believing in God, and the answers to them. A message for all who need to find the Lord, and prove Him personally.
Wednesday PM September 12, 2012

The Lord Equips His Disciples

Sermon by Pastor Roland Burrows
Sermon by Pastor Roland Burrows
Sunday PM September 2, 2012

Knowing Our Inner Person

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The experience of conversion to God usually begins when we see our inner person - what we are really like. Christ taught that three features of our real self are recognised, and then we realise how much we need His forgiveness, and His rebuilding work on our lives.
Sunday PM August 26, 2012

Everlasting Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is a view of the astounding love of God for fallen humanity, and of the lengths to which He went to bring salvation. Here also is how we must respond to be saved, and the great goal of everlasting bliss, the true purpose of this present brief life.
Sunday PM August 5, 2012

Christ Describes His Mission

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Lord's first miracle - water into wine - is an unfolding picture of what He had come to give mankind. Here are all the elements of the Gospel and salvation in one magnificent illustration, showing how Christ brings forgiveness, transformation and eternal life to seeking souls.
Wednesday PM August 1, 2012

Satan’s Power, and its Limitations

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here are many facts about Satan and his demons, what they can and cannot do since Calvary, including their inability to possess people (not deeply involved in occult activity), or to search hearts and read thoughts. Here also is how we are to resist him.
Sunday PM July 22, 2012

The Gift of Spiritual Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is how bread, through most of history vital to wellbeing, pictures the way life comes to the soul through the gift of Christ. Using the bread metaphor, the Lord shows how He alone prepares and conveys new spiritual life - to seeking souls.
Sunday PM April 29, 2012

The Only Source of Spiritual Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Belief in Christ is not blind faith. It is based on understanding His message and seeing the authenticating evidences. It follows the discovery that only He has atoned for human sin, and only He has the words of eternal life. A message for all who are searching for meaning.
Sunday PM April 22, 2012

From Limited Faith to Fulness of Faith

Sermon by Pastor Jonathan Northern
Sermon by Pastor Jonathan Northern
Sunday PM April 15, 2012

Why We Refuse Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is why Christ was rejected by the leaders of the people, and why we too recoil from Him today. These are our mistakes - which make us spiritually lost. Here also, is what we gain when we see who Christ is, and what He has done for our souls.
Friday AM April 6, 2012

See Him!

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Wednesday PM October 19, 2011

Our Impact on a Lost World – Thanksgiving Day

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Sunday PM August 21, 2011

Why Conversion Comes by Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This is Christ's own evangelistic message to Nicodemus, using the symbol of the bronze serpent once lifted up for all healing of dying Israelites. It shows the elements of faith, and why it is the only way to obtain forgiveness, new life and blessing from God.
Sunday PM August 14, 2011

Things Man Cannot Do Without Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Although vastly superior to animals, man is a flawed being, severed from God. Here are things he can accomplish, but with limited success. Here, also, are things of a spiritual and eternal kind, that he cannot achieve without Christ. How may he relate to Christ to gain these goals?
Sunday PM July 10, 2011

Finding Christ

Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sunday AM July 10, 2011

Lessons on Providence

Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sermon by Pastor Jack Seaton
Sunday PM May 15, 2011

Personally Receiving Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Not to believe in Christ as the Son of God is called a sin leading to damnation in the Bible, and this message shows why. It also shows how individual people may receive Christ, exactly what this involves, what it leads to.
Sunday PM May 1, 2011

Seeing Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What Christ the Lord is really like in knowledge, power, love, generosity, majesty and glory. How He compares with the greatest human beings, and how we may come to experience His friendly and powerful involvement in our lives.
Sunday AM April 24, 2011

The Resistance of Thomas

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This disciple's famous disbelief in the resurrection followed several reliably reported appearances. His doubts clearly rose from a spiritual struggle within, and this passage - and the way the Lord directed him - yields numerous helps for us today.
Sunday PM January 16, 2011

Gaining Spiritual Understanding

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ's miracle of sight to the blind illustrate the depth of human unawareness of spiritual realities, and the transformation brought about when we come into union with God. Here are the losses of spiritual blindness and the gains of conversion.
Sunday PM December 26, 2010

How the Disciples First Followed Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In the first chapter of John's Gospel five men - so different - forsook their homes and businesses to follow Christ, learn his principles and witness his mighty works. This is the story of how the Lord enters the lives of countless people down the centuries.
Sunday PM August 22, 2010

Knowing God’s Friendship

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The friendship of a personal, feelingful God, and how it may be known. This message explores several levels of 'knowing', but only one leads to a proven, certain, fulfilling walk with God.