Sunday PM October 6, 2019

Our Debt to God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In an atheistic age people do not think about owing anything to God. But our lives, gifts, powers and bodily provisions are all from Him, and we surely owe Him thanks and obedience. How will we stand before our Maker at the end of our journey?
Wednesday PM October 2, 2019

Are There Conditions for Revival?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This second message on spiritual awakening reviews the errors of Israel described by the prophet that must be repented of for a special visitation of the Spirit, and here are the obvious parallels with the general state of evangelicalism in our age. Revival includes reform.
Sunday AM May 20, 2018

Worth serving the Lord

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM June 10, 2012

What We Owe to God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Most people would be amazed to hear that they owe anything to God, or rob Him. Does not God possess the universe and infinite resources? Yet the Bible calls us thieves, duly cut off from God. Here is what we steal, and how we must be reconciled
Wednesday PM May 9, 2012

The Message of Malachi

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The last prophet of the OT challenges Jerusalem's severe spiritual decline, around 425 BC. The trouble lay with insincere ministers, shocking compromise, and sheer lack of commitment. Yet here also are detailed predictions of Christ, of the age of the Gospel, and of the eternal destiny of the faithful.