Regeneration and Conversion

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 13, 2010
A very serious mistake is sometimes made to make these two identical. Here is the difference, and the order of salvation. Here also are the three biblical and historic reasons why the Gospel must be persuasively preached to all.

The Prayer that God Hears

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 28, 2010
A Canaanite woman with a demonised daughter made the ideal prayer to Christ, and received her desired blessing. Here are the lessons for all who need to find life for their souls.

Discovering Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 19, 2010
In two parables - the hidden treasure and the pearl of greatest price - Christ speaks of how He is 'discovered' by seeking people. This message tells how to seek and how it feels to find Him.

The Comprehensive Victory of the Church

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM January 2, 2011
The 'gates of hell', symbolising the various strategies (here named) of Satan to destroy believers will never succeed. But what about a particularly immoral atheistic society? Is Satan prevailing? Here are biblical answers of encouragement.

Everyone Needs a Purpose

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 15, 2012
All have the urge to choose their own 'gods', things to bring fulfillment or pleasure. These get our homage, but our 'gods' are lifeless and far too small to satisfy the soul. Here are the eternally superior qualities of the true God and Saviour.

Christ’s Teaching on the Commandments

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM August 29, 2012
Five ways by which the Lord fulfils and completes the moral law, leaving it as the "royal law" and standard of holiness for believers. Here, also are the texts which prove that the 4th commandment (the sabbath principle) is repeatedly affirmed in the New Testament.

Personal Faith Vital

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 2, 2012
To shock complacent hearers Christ spoke of conversion being harder than a camel going through the eye of a needle. Many do not realise that they need personal faith and a personal relationship with God. Here is what the Lord meant, and the way to know Him.

His Name is Jesus

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 16, 2012

Five Phases of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 23, 2012
Christ's parable of labourers hired at different times of a day portrays the stages of life in which people either accept or reject His call to salvation. Here are these stages, and how and why we react to Christ, either to refuse Him or to find Him.

The Homage of the Wise Men

- Dr Peter Masters - Tuesday AM December 25, 2012
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

May Conversion Be Gradual?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 13, 2013
With rough water in the Sea of Galilee the hard-rowing disciples see the Lord walking on the water. This was a faith-building event for them, an incident intended to teach them-and us-how to yield their lives to Him. Here is the process of conversion for us all.

Christ Always Knew

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM March 29, 2013
Sermon by Dr Peter Masters

Ready to Meet God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 7, 2013
The Saviour's parable of the wise and foolish bridesmaids shows the unreadiness of so many to meet their Creator. Here are the reasons for spiritual indifference, and their cure, how we should stir up our thinking and desire for real meaning in life, and a walk with God.

None Greater Than John

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 9, 2013
A single study on the life and teaching of John the Baptist, showing the lessons in his perfect discharge of the commission God gave him, and including his handling of doubt. Here is the last of the prophets, who was himself the subject of prophecy.

Don’t Miss the Point of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 17, 2013
Christ's great parable of two houses speaks to all of us who shape our lives and future entirely on this material world, forgetting our spiritual purpose. Here is the outcome, as years pass, and here is the amazing experience, by contrast, of finding the Lord.

Responses to God – Case Histories

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 2, 2014
Christ's parable of the two son who changed their minds shows us ourselves, and what forces shape our attitude to God. There is nothing quite like this parable to challenge us to deeper thought about our need of new life from Christ.

The End of Time

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 13, 2014
With seemingly unending wars, terrorism, increasingly destructive weapons and moral collapse, Christ's teachings about the end of the age are uniquely accurate. Here are His words on how the present age will end and how we may find Him now, and be His at the final account.

With God All Things are Possible

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 12, 2014
When a wealthy man had to choose between riches and Christ, he chose riches, demonstrating the hold that this material life has on the human heart. But God has transformed every conceivable kind of earth-tied person down the centuries, and here is how.

A Seeker’s Struggles

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 2, 2014
Forgiveness and new life from God are wholly secured for us by the atoning death of Christ, and are given freely when we come to Him in repentance and faith. But there must be a pressing need and desire on our part, here described.

All World Views Need Your Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 9, 2014
Just as Christ warned the multitudes to beware of false teachers, we must make known the fallacies of non-Christian world-views which increasingly shape lives today. Are they a fit foundation for life and eternity? Here is the way of Christ and the Bible.

The Call of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 23, 2014
The call from spiritual aimlessness and emptiness to Christ, who gives new life to those who respond. Who is He? Why should I listen? What does He give? Why does He offer this? How does it come? What is the outcome of refusing Him?

Christ’s Supreme Greatness

- Dr Peter Masters - Thursday AM December 25, 2014

Christ Describes His Kingdom

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 11, 2015
The parable of the fig tree - one of the shortest - illustrates Christ's timetable for human history, and also the way He works in the lives of all who seek and find Him. Here is life in the soul, reconciliation with God and eternal life.

God’s Justice

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 15, 2015
Christ taught that the Commandments would never change and would be the standards for the Day of Judgement. This summary shows their unique positive benefits in life. Also, how Christ by His atoning death, purchased pardon and life for all who believe.

How God Sees Us

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 18, 2015
Three days before execution, Christ spoke of His return and the judgement of all, using the sheep and goats analogy to describe all people. Here is how God views us, and how we may be prepared and safe for the coming great day.

Christ Defines Spiritual Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 21, 2016
Every statement in Christ's sermon on the mount is a calculated surprise, even a shock, as He shows how we need to have God's forgiveness and new life. Here is His call to be aware of our need, and to seek Him.

The Price of Heaven

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM March 25, 2016
We do not grieve over Calvary, because the Lord now reigns in glory, but it stirs our indebtedness and love as nothing else. Here is Gethsemane (the foretaste), the scourging (man's hatred), the cross, (the atonement), and the 'royal' superscription.

How The Lord Shaped His Disciples

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 30, 2016
The 'syllabus' for the disciples' training began in the Sermon on the Mount. Overwhelmed and probably inflated by miracles and vast crowds, they must first learn of a disciple's humble, compassionate deportment, and secondly of the moral standards and character to be strictly maintained.

The Disciples Taught to Pray

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 13, 2016
When Christ taught the twelve to pray He did not, as we might, give a list of necessary attitudes, but an agenda or pattern that itself creates the right attitudes. Here are the headings with suggested sub-contents of the Lord's Prayer. This is real help.

Disciples Trained to Discern Conversion

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 20, 2016
First, the genius of parables, their purpose and the Lord's reason for using them. Then, His interpretation of the sower, teaching the four kinds of response to the Gospel, only one amounting to true conversion, an event attributed to light being 'given'.

Disciples Shown the Life of Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM April 27, 2016
In their training the apostles are sent on a probationary mission. Here are the great faith strengthening factors in the passage (beside prayer) namely, commitment to a cause, dependence on the Lord, awareness of two kingdoms and the clear example of Christ.

Christ’s Rules for Christian Workers

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 4, 2016
We track the apostles' 'seminary course' through Matthew 16-17: the avoidance of the churchmanship of the Pharisees and Saducees that produced nominal worshippers, the primacy of human instrumentality, the scope of self-denial, and the need for strong desires for blessing by prayer and fasting.

Humility and its Works

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 11, 2016
In the course of the Lord's 'seminary course' for His future apostles (passages addressed exclusively to them) we consider the necessity of humility, the avoidance of offences large and small, radical measures in personal sanctification, discipline, the prevailing power of corporate prayer, and forbearance.

Christ’s Own Rules for Wealth and Government

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 18, 2016
Continuing 'seminary' passages exclusive to the apostles, the Lord teaches fundamental principles about the kingdom, and lays down the chief rule of church government, in the light of which Acts and the Pastoral Epistles must be interpreted.

Christ’s Teaching on the End of Time

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday AM June 1, 2016
In three Gospels this double prophecy, given exclusively to the disciples, discloses the harbingers of the end of the Temple, to be repeated (more intensively) at the end of the world. The first would be seen by that very generation.

Christ Teaches Spiritual Shepherds

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 8, 2016
Shortly before Calvary the Lord charges His disciples with (1) defence of faith and church (2) the preaching of the Gospel (3) avoidance of any use of His church for personal benefit  (4) separation from the world, and (5) total focus on the Last Day.

Christ’s Paramount Lesson to His Disciples

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM July 20, 2016
The great commission directs believers in every age, but when seen also as doctrine, its full richness springs into view, including the Trinity in salvation, the authority of the Word over reason and experience, the true nature of Christian liberty, and the Lord's presence.

Knowing the Power of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 25, 2016
Atheism, of course, has no conception of the power and purposes of God. Here, by contrast, is proof of the unique nature and infallibility of the Scriptures and the revelation of God's purposes for us. Here is the power that comes by hearing Him.

Valid and Phoney Prayer Compared

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 23, 2016
Christ's parable of the unforgiving debtor gives a remarkable picture of all human life, including our debt to God. If fear or need drives us to pray to Him, will our appeal be sincere or shallow? This parable answers, and teaches us to seek Him.

Christ at Golgotha

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM April 14, 2017
Matthew's atonement account provides a seamless overview. Here are: the rejection of Christ that ended the era of Jewish privilege, the cruelties inflicted, the uttered scorn, the three hours of darkness (and its significance) up to the Lord's voluntarily yielding up of life for the redeemed.

Christ Defines a Valid Prayer

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 30, 2017
When a Canaanite woman in great need pleaded for Christ's help, she was (seemingly) rebuffed. But the Lord was turning the encounter into a lesson in prayer. Here are the ten factors that made her prayer (and her prayers for salvation) acceptable to God.

Phases of Conversion

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 22, 2017
Simon Peter was overwhelmed on first meeting Christ, but although he became a follower, he was not immediately converted. Here are the key stages in his experience which have helped seekers over many centuries. His discoveries may help us to trust Christ for salvation.

True and False Faith – The Difference

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 4, 2018
Christ the Saviour was pleading with people to see their need of true conversion when He spoke of many who assumed they were bound for heaven, who would in fact be shut out. Here is why, and what we must do to enter eternal life.

The Nature of Good Works

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 9, 2018
This is a tour of a 'family' of texts in the New Testament that together define the good works that should characterise those saved by grace. Here are the categories of witness, kindness or compassion, and holiness, with their scriptural helps and encouragements.

Wonders of God’s Mercy

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 12, 2018
The remarkable parable of the labourers in the vineyard teems with surprising facts of God's mercy toward souls. This also illustrates how God gathers people to Himself out of all the different age-groups, at immeasurable cost to Himself.

The Greatest Discovery in the World

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 14, 2018
The short parables of the treasure hidden in a field and the pearl of great price proclaim the discovery of Christ, salvation and His superiority over everything else sought after on earth. Here is the person and work of Christ, and the experience of finding Him.

A Unique Call From God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 24, 2019
Christ's most famous call to souls, showing who He is who calls, why He does so, what He calls us from, why we should listen, who will respond, and what He will do for us - illustrated with examples of those who have responded and found Him.

The Mind of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 21, 2020
This message marks a break in the 2 Corinthians series to reflect on the redeeming work of Christ, surveying the statements throughout His earthly ministry predicting the details of Calvary and the resurrection - the goal and triumph of His immeasurable love for His own. Full Service Recordings:

Deciding For or Against God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM June 21, 2020
One of the Lord's shortest parables tells through the story of two sons the privileges of mankind, the rejection of Almighty God, the startling regret and repentance of the most outspoken 'rebel', and the mercy and goodness of God toward all who seek Him. Full Service Recordings:

The Depth of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 18, 2020
Christ's parable of two houses portrays us all as builders of a house of life. One house had no foundation, being all appearance, and lack of foresight led to tragedy. Here is the foundation of conversion to God that builds for now and eternity.

The Impossibility of Earning Salvation

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 25, 2020
Christ's disciples were astonished when the Lord asserted the impossibility of people contributing anything to be accepted into the Kingdom of God.  'Who then can be saved?' they cried.  Here is the answer of God - the only way to obtain pardon and eternal life.