Everyone is a Worshipper of Something

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 21, 2010
Many have wondered - how can God be loved? We naturally love people, or life, or objects or causes. What is tangible about God, that He may be loved? Yet countless people, both great and obscure, have found a life-filling experience of God and this psalm shows how.

God’s Plan for the World

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 9, 2011
Here is the most detailed prophecy - 900 years before the event - of Christ's work and of the way He would capture the hearts of billions until the final day of earth's history. This is the message of eternal life.

The Kind of Prayer God Hears

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 20, 2011
True atheism is rare. Everyone prays at some time, but how? Here are prayers that fall to the ground, and why, contrasted with the kind that God has promised to answer. To know these things is to know how to approach and find God in a true and personal way.

The Living God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 6, 2011
Present-day Western 'idolatry' is the worship of a god invented by us, or of earthly objects and goals which we substitute for God. Here are the massive differences between the true and living God and all substitutes.

The Debt We Owe to Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM April 22, 2011
David's prophecy of Calvary, quoted by Christ as His own words, describes verse-by-verse the details and purpose of Calvary more deeply even than the Gospels. Then (from verse 23) David exhorts believers to love Him, and predicts eternal glory. (Good Friday service)

A Spiritual View of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM August 7, 2011
If we are boxed in to a material view of life, this psalm is like a camera drawing back and showing the real context of our earthly journey. We see ourselves passing through a ravine oblivious to the dangers and destination. Here is vital information for those seeking their Creator.

Love for Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM August 14, 2011
The psalmist had stumbled into material desire, or into doubts, envying the apparent benefits of godless people. But surrounded by the symbols of divine mercy in the sanctuary, he recovered his sense of salvation, his exclamation of love yielding great lessons for us on how to express love to Christ.

Hindrances to Spiritual Progress

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Wednesday PM September 7, 2011

Musing and Mediating

- Rev. Dick Saunders - Sunday AM September 18, 2011
Sermon by Rev Dick Saunders

The Christian’s Burdens

- Rev. John Thackway - Sunday AM September 25, 2011
Sermon by Rev John Thackway

How Should I Rate My Life?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 18, 2012
Life can only be measured in terms of our value and significance before God. King David recalls that he had fallen into backsliding, but grasped afresh the brevity and futility of life without a living experience of God. Here are the thoughts that brought him to renew that experience.

Striking Contrasts

- Pastor Chris Hand - Wednesday PM April 18, 2012

How to Apply for Salvation

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 6, 2012
King David sympathetically and appealingly spells out the terms and conditions of salvation. Speaking from his own experience, he shows what we must believe, what our attitude should be, and how we ought to ask for new life from God. He also describes God's response.

Lifting Up the Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 23, 2012
Not blissful happiness or 'Christian hedonism', because in a world of sin there are countless griefs and trials, but the lifting up of the inner person. This psalm remarkably conducts us through an agenda for thanksgiving and reflection that greatly strengthens and gladdens the heart.

Downcast Yet Triumphant!

- Mr Chris Cooper - Wednesday PM August 8, 2012

The Christian’s Resolve

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday AM August 12, 2012

Are we truly citizens of Heaven?

- Mr Michael Hunt - Wednesday PM August 15, 2012

Useful versus Useless

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM November 7, 2012

Under the Shadow of the Almighty

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 7, 2013
A psalm vividly portraying the traps and snares life presents to the soul, and the vulnerability of unbelief. How these snares are baited, and minds are made entirely materialistic. Here also is how the mind may be woken to find and trust in God

A View Into One’s Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 12, 2013
Whether or not we are thankful to God (the highest duty of the human heart) says more about our souls, our direction in life, and our eternal destiny than we realise. Here a range of attitudes to God are reviewed, showing our need to experience His power and love.

Three Neglected Spiritual Disciplines

- Pastor Jonathan Northern - Wednesday PM September 11, 2013

Who Cares for the Soul?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 20, 2013
King David shows that no ruler or society or relation or loved one can help an individual person concerning the soul. This central, vital core of our being can only be enlivened and protected by God, and David's message is about God's way of saving the soul.

Life’s Greatest Treasure

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 5, 2014
Wealth, fame, power, health, ability and pleasure all rank among the things most desired by men and women. But the Christian message ranks the forgiveness of God greater than them all. Here are the limits and costs of the former, and the eternal gains of free forgiveness.

How King David Found God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 2, 2014
In this royal testimony of conversion David describes his previous ignorance, and how the wonder and majesty of the night sky stamped on his mind God's infinite being, and his own smallness, bringing him to seek the kindness that stoops, pardons and imparts spiritual life.

Looking Up to God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 23, 2014
The mountains of Jerusalem, especially the Temple Mount, remind the psalmist of the Creator, and of his own human smallness, and need of spiritual life. Here is how this powerful metaphor persuades us to reach out to God for life and purpose.

Christian Character

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM April 16, 2014

Where do you live?

- Pastor Bruce Massop - Wednesday PM August 27, 2014

Knowing God in Trials

- Pastor Jonathan Stobbs - Wednesday PM September 10, 2014

God’s Mercy and Love

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM January 25, 2015
David provides eight reasons why we commit personal sin, then sets out the magnitude of God's mercy, His promises of pardon and life, His soaring unchangeable standards, His provisions of help, and the precious thing He gives to those who trust Him.

How to Approach God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 22, 2015
Many only ever approach God over emergencies, but not to find Him or to have Him as their God. Others approach Him in a way He has already said in the Bible is unacceptable to Him. King David shows the way, and here is his effective approach.

A Sure Refuge for Souls

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM August 9, 2015

The Summons From On High

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday AM August 16, 2015

The Glory and Wonder of Praise

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 21, 2015
David shows praise is about the Lord and his work, and also about the believer's many recurring deliverances throughout this life of countless needs. These blessings cannot be experienced without concern for holiness and reverence. Here are inspired counsels for both personal and congregational praise.

Closeness to God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 4, 2015
David’s rhapsodic review of all the ways by which he knew the mighty hand of God in every condition of life. Both deeply searching and powerfully comforting, here are the details of the Lord’s love toward his own in action, and the gratitude we owe.

Christ’s Plan For His Churches

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 6, 2016
The psalmist predicts the destruction of Zion and its restoration after exile; also its spiritual revival in the Christian age. Here is Christ's blueprint for individual churches (rather than denominations, societies and private ministries), their superior qualities, their end-time oppression, and final triumph.

Praise For Lasting Glory

- Mr Michael Hunt - Wednesday PM August 17, 2016

King David’s Resolutions

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM September 14, 2016
A unique and challenging psalm: David's ten vows for his reign, all to do with his moral rules for personal life and for his administration. Here is - (1) his dedication; (2) his plea for evident divine involvement; (3) his defence of the cause in the spiritual warfare.

David’s Inventory of Benefits

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM September 21, 2016
Unique psalms: here David shows us how to summon ourselves to praise. The main subjects are God's forgiveness of, and compassionate acts toward, His people, both flowing from His character, and infinitely exceeding our guilt and inadequacy. The pinnacle of praise then lifts to Heaven.

The Victorious March of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM September 28, 2016
Unique psalms: here is the whole scene of redemptive warfare, lifting us above setbacks and discouragements. Here too is prophecy - the ascension of Christ and the New Testament age, with the harvest of the Gentiles and coming judgement, and with surprising assurances along the way.

David’s Prayer of Faith

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 12, 2016
A unique model prayer rich in counsel, including problems in prayer. Four evident sections cover (1) The petitioner's humble approach, (2) God's approachability and readiness to respond, (3) The petitioner's promise to God (a vital part of prayer), (4) The core petition itself, including the token for good.

The Blessings of Reflection

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM October 26, 2016
Unique Psalms – David reflecting on the church, especially Messiah's, using the picture of the Temple.  Here are the riches and benefits of God's provision of gatherings of his people. We too should reflect on the meaning of its structure, purposes, 'walls', 'palaces', and peace.

David on the Spiritual Warfare

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 2, 2016
Most modern 'study Bibles' limit Psalms 123-6 to the release from Babylonian captivity. But older works are right to relate them to all Zion's trials, including spiritual opposition. Never underestimate, says David, the war against the saints, its periodical peaks, and remarkable deliverances.

David’s Motto-Psalm for Trust

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 16, 2016
A king's devotions - these three memorable verses enable believers to maintain humility, dependence and trust in all circumstances. Firstly, a regular confession, secondly, the deportment or stance to be worked at, thirdly, the patience and waiting factor. All these sustained a great ruler's trust.

David on Spiritual Relationships

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM November 30, 2016
Extraordinary psalms – here the riches of fellowship are unfolded: first the ideal; secondly, the fragrance or pleasantness of Christian warmth; thirdly, its power and productiveness; fourthly, its eternal character. In these exquisitely structured verses two feelingful illustrations speak to our hearts.

David Prays for Sanctification

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 7, 2016
A truly extraordinary psalm with numerous illuminating metaphors. Here we see 13 of them under the headings (1) the place of prayer (2) the priority of guarding lips and heart (3) the heeding of correction (4) coping with the world's contempt (5) Satan's snares.

David in Desperate Straits

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM December 14, 2016
David in despair and hounded by Saul controls his feelings and (1) articulates his needs in prayer (2) affirming that God knows what He will do (3) that he has a higher, better life (4) that God alone can help and (5) yielding his life afresh.

Attitudes to God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM December 18, 2016
Many wonder how any person could love God. Is not love an affection we have for people, or beauty or a cause? Here is an insight into how countless people, great and small, have stumbled into an experience of great love of God.

King David’s Route to Assurance

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 4, 2017
An insight into a most helpful approach to assurance, not here by reviewing our experience (legitimate as that is) but by reflecting (1) on God's attributes in creation (2) on the distinctive qualities of the Word, and (3) by avoidance of certain kinds of sin.

David Prays in Troubles

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 11, 2017
Just what we need for the day of intense trial, temptation, persecution, loss, illness or turmoil. Here is God's promise for prayer, the conditions for being heard, the part we must play, the duty of appreciation, the effect on assurance and avoiding fleshly solutions.

David’s Prayer for Guidance

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 18, 2017
First it is shown that the main theme of this prayer – paths and ways – is about the course of life and its major decisions and crises. Then we see several prerequisites or conditions for discerning the Lord's guidance, all equally prayed for by the king.

David’s Components of Dedication

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM January 25, 2017
Carefully structured, this great prayer provides a profound study of dedication, yet it also works as a quick checklist of the vital elements, such as one might keep in the back of one's Bible. Here are David's six 'departments' for regular recommitment.

David on Felt Union with God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 1, 2017
Although hostility and war threaten the king, the running theme of this psalm is close communion with the Lord, his first and chief source of relief and perspective. Here we trace how the king went about it, his experience and its fruits.

David Teaches Spiritual Dependence

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 8, 2017
Dependence is a central duty of the Christian life and vital to the blessing of churches. Here is the nature of dependent prayer in troubles, the avoiding of worldly solutions, the forms in which God gives strength, and some of the mistakes of today.

David’s Driving Aim in Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM February 22, 2017
David's prayer in deep waters, but his chief concern is God's glory and the perpetuation of his witness. Here also are the answers to the seven questions we may ask in personal Bible study – Is there a doctrine here, a duty, a reproof, a promise? etc.

David’s Hold on Spiritual Happiness

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 1, 2017
This hymn with a refrain that recurs 11 times addresses a series of exhortations to believers, accompanied by strong divine promises, especially to see all of life in the light of eternity. Containing the famous four words – Trust, Delight, Commit, Rest, it constitutes a rich devotional feast.

David Takes Details to God

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 8, 2017
David takes his terrifying predicament to the Lord, but not before affirming his trust in God's promises and power – a vital antidote to making self-pitying complaints rather than offering believing prayers. Here are the lessons of his great example in the conquest of fear or discontent.

David on the Terms of Blessing

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 15, 2017
Composed when David was at the height of his power, this looks back at Saul's disastrous reign and its cause to help people value their present blessings. To us, it says inversely - reviving past evangelical blessings means abandoning new methodology and trusting the Word alone.

David Teaches Greater Communion

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 22, 2017
Fleeing Saul in the wilderness of Ziph David's quest for communion is rewarded, this psalm revealing his steps under four discernible headings: 1. his longing for it (the means), 2. his commitment to praise (including the feast analogy), 3. his dependence, 4. the element of anticipation.

David Sees Messiah’s Reign

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM March 29, 2017
Probably David's last and most uplifting psalm containing standards for his successors but chiefly soaring into messianic prophecy. Here is spelled out the character, extent and fruits of Christ's reign using vivid pictures exclusively fulfilled by the One 'who only doeth wondrous things'.

All God’s Supremacy in One Psalm

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM May 14, 2017
King David's last words combine a history of time with a 'world view' from God's perspective. Here is the solution to the greatest problem of mankind - moral disorder and alienation from God - and how Christ saves countless souls out of every age of time.

The Dissolving of Doubts 6

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM June 7, 2017
This study refutes a new book attacking the credibility of the Bible (The Bible for Grown-Ups), denying all Bible history before 900BC and claiming endless errors along with the absence of any spiritual message or consistent morality in the OT period. (We hear of teachers indoctrinating classes with it.)

Eternity in the Psalms

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday AM June 25, 2017
Contrary to what Bible critics ignorantly claim, the Old Testament is full of heaven and the eternal bliss of the redeemed. Here is a review of David's psalms that overwhelmingly prove so, including an explanation of the few places that suggest (wrongly understood) the contrary.

The Value of Our Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM July 2, 2017
King David, a man of immense ability naturally, tells from experience of the journey from self-confidence and self-satisfaction to being humbled to see his vital need of God, and going on to seek and find a life-changing relationship with Him.

King David’s View of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM October 8, 2017
The 23rd psalm is the most famous of David's poetic compositions, but people often do not realise it is the king's brilliant summary of his view of life - of how he saw himself before his Creator - and how he came to find and know Him.

The Limitation of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 5, 2017
- Especially if God is set aside. The limitation of idols listed in this Psalm apply to the idol of today - materialistic atheism. Lacking voice, vision and hearing it has no explanation of life's purpose, no help and no power. The Gospel of Christ is the opposite.

The Proof of Prayer

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 19, 2017
Millions pray to the one eternal, almighty God. Who may pray to Him, and how? On what basis may the Holy One be approached? What makes prayer acceptable or futile? What kind of request is heard, and what is the proof? Here are David's answers.

The Sufferings of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM March 30, 2018

The Human Experience

- Pastor Roger Brazier - Sunday PM July 29, 2018

Praise In Heart and Life

- Mr Michael Hunt - Wednesday PM August 15, 2018

Explaining Human Nature

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 23, 2018
Despite the intellectual brilliance of the human race, we are capable of great foolishness in our dismissal of God, as King David points out. Here are the reasons why we suppose that God keeps no account of our lives, and all that we lose by this thinking.

Practical Religion

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday AM September 30, 2018

The Astonishing Mercy of God

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 18, 2018
As far as human beings are concerned, the multitude of God's tender mercies are the towering wonder of His divine attributes. Here are His mercies of salvation, their benefits, the great cost to God of their implementation, and the happiness of receiving them.

Experiencing God First Hand

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 31, 2019
King David's burden is to convey the very real experience he had of association with God. He spells out the tangible changes in his life through conversion, the evidences and scale of God's interventions and helps, then the terms on which one must approach Him.

The Priority of Thanksgiving

- Dr Peter Masters - Wednesday PM May 8, 2019
An incomparable psalm for understanding the riches of thankfulness. Here are unexpected seams of thought from God's acts of creation, deliverance, guidance and provision. Here also is how the psalmist anticipates conversion and the Christian life, and shows the spiritual benefits of thankfulness.

The Unseen Battle of Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM September 8, 2019
A very remarkable presentation of the way to find God in which the psalmist uses ten illustrations in just five verses, to show (1) the human predicament - cut off from God; (2) the remedy - what God has done; (3) our response; and (4) the result.

Who Cares For Your Soul?

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM November 17, 2019
David, pursued by 3000 military men of Saul, has taken refuge in a mountain cave. Bereft of all help, he turns to God, and is delivered. Here he recalls his sense of helplessness in order to illustrate the realisation of spiritual isolation and loss that usually precedes conversion to God.

Light and Life in Christ

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM December 22, 2019

A Stethoscope For The Soul

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM March 8, 2020
"Why be thankful to God?" we may ask. We grasp at attempts to explain away the evidence of design in our universe, and we do so, according to scripture, because of human pride. Here are the psalmist's steps for paying homage to God and finding Him.

The Conversion of David

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 5, 2020
Israel's greatest king - David - was also a remarkable teacher, prophet and psalmist.  But it was as a youth that he found a personal relationship with the living God, and this psalm recalls the experience that changed his life and took him from shepherding to ruling.

The Sufferings of Christ

- Dr Peter Masters - Friday AM April 10, 2020

The Greatest Possession in Life

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM April 26, 2020
Here are the aims and desires of all who live life without God, and their failure to gain what is desired.  Here also are the obstacles that keep us from God, the benefits that come with His forgiveness, and how He is to be approached.

The Folly of Unbelief

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM August 9, 2020

The Voice of the Lord

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Sunday PM August 16, 2020

Personal Revival

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM September 23, 2020

Dependent Beings

- Dr Peter Masters - Sunday PM February 21, 2021
When pilgrimages to Jerusalem reached the last stage of the journey, and the mountains of the city were in sight, this psalm was sung and explained - a call to look to God for reconciliation with Himself, pardon, life, and His power and guidance to eternity.

Life For Evermore

- Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed - Wednesday PM April 21, 2021