Sunday PM April 11, 2021

External or Internal Change

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
How influenced and confirmed we are, if only we knew it, to society around us! How unoriginal, how alike - yet all that shapes us is external, while our greatest needs are within. Here Paul presents the inner transformation that conversion to God brings about.
Sunday PM February 28, 2021

Who Shall Deliver Me?

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday AM September 13, 2020

Put on the Lord Jesus Christ

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
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Sunday PM August 23, 2020

What Atheism Steals from You

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Atheism steals the key to understanding of life, claiming there is no God, eliminating the soul and eternal life.  It is unable to answer all 'why's?' of life or to forge character.  It is bleak, purposeless, and useless in sickness and death. Full Service Recordings:
Sunday PM May 24, 2020

God’s Contention with Man

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here are our three greatest mistakes about God that keep us from seeking Him, and here also are the three charges that God will bring against us if we ignore Him in our lives.  Best of all, here is God's way of forgiveness and real life.
Sunday PM February 9, 2020

The Free Gift of Salvation

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM January 5, 2020

The Fall of Man

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Scriptures exclusively explain the human condition, the presence of sin and suffering, and God's way of salvation. Here is the doctrine of the Fall - the understanding of which is the door to reality and seeking for God and conversion to Him.
Sunday PM November 3, 2019

Why Do We Need A Saviour?

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM September 29, 2019

Seeking The Purpose of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul tells of how he once lived as a Jewish intellectual without concern about his condition before God. Then the day came when the commandments of God suddenly shook his conscience and led him to faith. Here is the discovery of life's purpose.
Sunday PM June 23, 2019

Becoming Soul-Wise

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Using a military analogy, Paul compares waking from soul-sleep to soldiers being roused to defend against an attack. Here are spiritual realities unseen while we live with no thought of God. Here is the new life that dawns with finding Him.
Sunday PM March 3, 2019

Securing God’s Attention

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is Paul magnificently explaining first, how not to gain the ear of God, and then how to do so - by understanding how He saves the soul and changes the life; also how to approach Him. This is the way to find and know Him.
Sunday PM January 20, 2019

A Sight of the Wrath and Mercy of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle Paul was converted from a career as a persecutor of Christians to being a tireless missionary to the Gentiles. Here he describes the viewpoint of God as He considers rebellious mankind. This is Paul's magnificent survey of our need, and Christ's kindness to save.
Sunday PM December 23, 2018

The Dividing of Mankind

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is the whole Bible in one verse, showing the great division in society; also that unbelief must have consequences; then - the meaning of sin, the true meaning of death, the extraordinary gift of God, and the price paid by the Giver.
Sunday PM November 25, 2018

War or Peace With God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The reality of the state of war between all people and God before conversion. The full consequences of war throughout life, and its futility. Then the multiple benefits of peace on reconciliation, how it is achieved, and how we may be certain of it.
Sunday PM June 10, 2018

How To Gain Access To God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The basis of salvation taught throughout the Bible and down the centuries by Christian preachers is the doctrine of justification by faith alone. Here is the meaning of this greatest message of love, and why there can be no other way of meeting God.
Sunday PM March 4, 2018

God’s Greatest Enemy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Preachers down the centuries have identified the problem of self-righteousness as the greatest barrier to seeking Christ and salvation. Here is the evidence for its near universal hold on the hearts and minds of people, and how it is only cured by faith in Christ.
Sunday AM February 11, 2018

The Process of Sanctification

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Romans 8 shows sanctification begins with conversion and that it is progressive lifelong. Here is how the Spirit employs the Word, the conscience, and the practice of putting to death sin. Here also are special means such as divine chastisement, suffering and mutual admonition.
Wednesday PM September 6, 2017

The War Against Sin

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle makes us pause to sense the depths of the ugliness and harm of sin. His words jolt us, alarming us out of our lightness and calling us to engage fully in the war against sin through personal holiness and Gospel proclamation.
Sunday PM August 13, 2017

The Invisible War

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul's analogy of war shows our state before God. We are enlisted in a war against Him, using faculties and powers as weapons. It is a moral war, a rebellion, in which we will fall. Here is the possibility of amnesty and reconciliation.
Sunday AM July 2, 2017

Our Life as an Offering

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul's powerful challenge to all believers to offer up their lives constantly as a living sacrifice. The need for sacrifice today; what it includes, and also what it is not. The value of this precious concept and its benefits to us spiritually.
Wednesday PM May 3, 2017

The Dissolving of Doubts 3

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The question, 'Why did God allow sin?' deeply disturbs many seekers and young believers for it challenges the perfection of God. The full answer - beyond our capacity - awaits eternity, but here are precious clues that reveal a glorious and heart-warming part of God's eternal wisdom.
Sunday PM July 17, 2016

Is God For or Against Us?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul's famous words reveal the greatest human need and God's astounding remedy in drawing countless individual people to Himself. Here is the Bible's view of the plight of man and Christ's redeeming work, in a single life-changing chapter.
Sunday AM February 21, 2016

Paul’s Gospel Doxology

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The closing prayer of praise in Romans draws strong assurance from the Gospel, emphasising the eternal security it gives, its complete and unchanging nature, its exclusive power to save, its being received by faith alone, and the glory it reflects upon the Lord.
Sunday AM February 7, 2016

A Christian’s Vital Feelings

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
An appeal for the stirring up of strong feelings of earnestness and warmth in the spiritual life, and a warning against sinking into coldness, with its consequences. Here are Paul's pressing arguments. They provide an insight into his life, and a fresh impetus for ours.
Sunday AM January 31, 2016

The Ties that Bind

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul longed to see the church at Rome, both to help them and to be refreshed by them. Here are the ways we are strengthened through fellowship, and the nature of the ties that the Holy Spirit forms within true churches of Christ.
Sunday AM January 24, 2016

Full of Goodness

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
These five verses of vital exhortation for every church present the importance of mutual admonition in the right spirit; living life as an offering to God; true submission to the Word; and the necessity of entire dependence on the Holy Spirit for all blessing.
Sunday AM January 17, 2016

Holding on to Assurance

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Hope (meaning anticipation) of God's dealings with us throughout life, and then in glory, is the crown jewel of assurance. Here is the way God gives it, with joy and peace, showing both our part and the powerful aid of the Holy Spirit.
Wednesday PM January 13, 2016

Keeping Spiritual Zeal

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Fervour or zeal for the Lord (literally 'heat') is a conversion gift. But this fire within of passion for Christ, holiness and souls is easily quenched. Here are its sources, objects, accommodation to personality, and means of erosion or revival in our hearts.
Sunday AM January 10, 2016

Living for Others

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Contrary to the ways of today's society the believer is called to an unselfish life. Here are the questions we should ask about any activity; Paul's personal discipline; the example of Christ in His life, and the role of the Old Testament in helping our progress.
Sunday AM December 20, 2015

How Christ is Put On

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is, first, the walking analogy for the Christian life and its implications; then the genuineness of that walk; then the characteristics of heathen life which still press on believers today. Finally, what it means to put on Christ, how to do so, and the blessings.
Sunday AM December 13, 2015

The Nature of Love for Others

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What form does love for others take? It is not unconditional love, or necessarily even affectionate love. 'Social' love is here defined, with hindrances and helps. Also the error of loving oneself, and the great exhortation to 'awake out of sleep' to serve Christ.
Sunday AM December 6, 2015

God’s Rule Over Law and Order

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Why should hostile authorities be conscientiously obeyed by believers? Because while rulers may not know it, they are servants of God, Who in His kindness has etched into the fallen human constitution a need for government. Here is how Christ is magnified.
Sunday AM November 29, 2015

True Christian Behaviour

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Searching practical verses setting the tone for sanctified behaviour, reflecting the Saviour, proved by the apostle Paul, and providing a gauge of our progress and a spur to advance. What are we really like in our relationship with other people, and in adversity?
Sunday AM November 15, 2015

The Spiritual Power of Anticipation

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The immense value of 'rejoicing in hope' is here seen. This is the practice of  anticipating and expecting God's hand in our lives. We see its major place and its fruits from Paul's various references to it in Romans. Its neglect costs us much blessing.
Sunday PM November 8, 2015

God’s Power To Save

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday AM November 1, 2015

Outward, Inward, Upward

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A threefold exhortation in a single verse calls believers never to hang back in outgoing activity for Christ, always to maintain spiritual zeal and also to live as people who are bonded to the service of Christ. Here are the applications and helps.
Sunday AM October 25, 2015

Spiritual Living in the Church

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Reasons why love for fellow believers often falls short, and how we should build it up. The command to utterly hate evil things, and how this is a vital help in avoiding sin and harm in our churches. Cleaving or clinging to good, despite Satan's assaults.
Sunday AM October 18, 2015

Our Measure of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Seven spiritual gifts – roles in the church for which God distributes abilities and the dedicated and spiritual way they are to be carried out. Here is a view of all that was done in a first-century church with all members pooling their efforts.
Sunday AM October 11, 2015

Pleasing God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The epistle now turns from doctrine to living, beginning with dedication, and the offering of ourselves as a holy sacrifice, not conformed to this world, but transformed by God. The second cannot proceed if the world is not renounced. The prize is real discernment.
Sunday AM October 4, 2015

Trusting the Depths of God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
This great song of praise is a compelling call to reflect on God's infinite wisdom and knowledge and on His mysterious ordering of the lives of His people. The passage moves us to marvel and trust Him for all, and to serve Him wholeheartedly.
Sunday AM September 27, 2015

The Future of Grace

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
God's promises to bless Abraham's offspring are kept in every age in an elect remnant saved by grace. Even Gentile salvation is used by God to turn the hearts of many Israelites. And saved Jews and Gentiles have enriched the world, here is how.
Sunday AM September 20, 2015

Gospel Responsibility

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul's famous 'backwards text' covers the wonders of the Gospel, the call and the commissioning of preachers, and what it means to truly hear, believe and call upon the Lord for salvation.  The back-to-front order serves to stir responsibility to make Christ known.
Sunday PM September 13, 2015

Spiritual Vagueness

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
It may seem open-minded and non-judgemental to be vague about God and spiritual matters, but here are some of the things vagueness will forfeit and miss. Many are surprising, and all have lifelong consequences. Here are the benefits of following Christ.
Sunday AM September 13, 2015

The Rock of Destiny

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Christ, long prophesied, was appointed to obtain spiritual salvation at Jerusalem in a manner that would humble human pride and presumption, draw multitudes to believe, but confound those who rejected Him. To the last day Christ will be the Rock of refuge or of dismay.
Sunday AM August 2, 2015

Sovereign Mercy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul upholds God's right to exercise sovereign election, and shows it is the only hope of salvation. He also shows God's kindness during life to the lost, and amazingly, the threefold divine purpose of all human history encapsulated in three unique verses.
Sunday AM July 26, 2015

Paul’s Longing for Souls

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle is anguished for the souls of his enemies the Jews. Lessons in intercession. Also the symbols of true spiritual life held before Israelites and their rejection by so many. The same symbols appeal to us, bringing Gentiles into the 'Israel of God'.
Sunday PM July 19, 2015

The Removal of Shame

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Proven facts about the reliability of the Bible, verifying its unique, inspired character. Why believing in Christ is the only way of escaping humiliation at the end of life's journey. How an unmistakable experience of God's forgiveness and presence may be obtained.
Sunday AM July 19, 2015

Arguments of Certainty

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Proofs that Christ's love of His own can never cease, ranging from the immeasurable price paid for them, to the impotence of all forces seeking to block the flow of His love. Here is the kind reasoning that carries us over attacks on assurance.
Sunday AM July 12, 2015

God’s Explanation of Our Salvation

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here is the solid foundation of assurance in all the problems and needs of living for Christ in an increasingly hostile world. Also, the great objective of election and calling - likeness to Christ - and the features of character that should mark us out for Him.
Sunday AM July 5, 2015

Sighs of The Spirit

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The incomparable privilege of having the Holy Spirit's prayers on our behalf; what they are, and what love they show. How they should greatly energise our prayers. Also, what is meant by 'all things' working for good, and why this is as much a challenge as a comfort.
Sunday AM June 21, 2015

The Longing of Creation

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Famous verses depicting the creation as a person subjected to the judgement imposed on mankind through sin, and looking forward to the end of the age, when it will be transformed into the home of the children of God. Here is the full, glorious picture.
Sunday AM June 14, 2015

Adoption, Assurance, Inheritance

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Here are the priceless blessings of adoption into the family of the redeemed, also how one's own spirit, then the Holy Spirit, both witness to our adoption. Then the inheritance that lies ahead for those who suffer now (here explained) with Christ.
Sunday AM June 7, 2015

Marks of a Spiritual Person

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Marks of a spiritual person, or, what it means to 'walk after the Spirit'. Our thinking and behaviour is driven either by the flesh or the Spirit. Here are the features of each lifestyle (even in the church) and how the flesh is to be put to death.
Sunday AM May 31, 2015

The Outcome of Life

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The wages (or meagre rations) given by the world's largest employer - 'Sin', slowly poison our interests in and openness to spiritual matters. Physical death follows but here is the astonishing gift of pardon and life through Christ and His atoning work.
Sunday AM May 24, 2015

Proof of Salvation

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
First, the apostle shows the deep reality of the believer's old life and sins being in Christ on Calvary. Secondly, he shows the certainty of new life and power over sin through reflection on this, and calls for a response of complete dedication to Christ.
Sunday AM May 17, 2015

Christ’s Eternal Achievements

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In his passage showing the contrast between Adam and Christ, Paul provides five distinct aspects of the Lord's achievements in redemption and the privileges of believers. Here also is the apostle's stirring exhortation to all who are called 'dead to sin', and what this means.
Sunday AM May 10, 2015

Experiencing God’s Love

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Realisation of God's love for us is given by the Spirit first through a profound sight of Calvary, and the price paid for contemptuous sinners. Such great love, we see, can never be withdrawn. Then we receive melting insights of His love during reflection, prayer and praise.
Sunday AM April 26, 2015

Peace, Access, Power and Glory

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The priceless benefits of justification are here described and amplified. So great is the 'fortune' of believers, how can we fall into sorrow, or not share it, for the worldling has nothing. It is all by faith, progressively refined in the tests of life.
Sunday PM April 19, 2015

Who or What Do We Obey?

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Everyone, though we may deny it, esteems, worships and obeys a variety of 'forces' and people, becoming shaped by them. The need to admire and submit is inescapable. Here is God's remedy for misplaced servility, and the vast superiority of yielding to Him alone.
Sunday AM April 19, 2015

Heirs of Eternity

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul traces eternal life, by faith alone in God's redeeming plan, back across the centuries to Abraham, and then to King David. It pre-dated circumcision and also the law, and involves dependence on Christ and His creating power to give new and everlasting life.
Sunday AM March 29, 2015

The Tapestry of Grace

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle's perfectly woven threads of teaching show the depths of justification, redemption, propitiation and faith in such a way that the unenlightened are amazed, and believing hearts soar. It is not by inadequate 'works' but by faith that God's law is honoured.
Sunday AM March 22, 2015

The Necessity of Grace

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The apostle prepares the ground to show that grace is the only solution to human sinfulness. God will be faithful to His promises (to save), and His warnings (of judgement) also. Both Jew and Gentile must be saved by grace alone.
Sunday AM March 15, 2015

The Law Etched in the Heart

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
To what extent are the Ten Commandments written in every heart? Does the apostle redefine the term 'Jew' in showing that Gentiles may be Jews in their hearts? May Christians ever resemble the Jews condemned here for disobedience to the law? Paul provides the answers.
Sunday AM March 8, 2015

Saved and Lost Judged by Deeds

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
All will be judged by their deeds, even those saved by grace alone. True salvation leads to good works - the sure evidence of grace. Here is the kind of evidence that appears, and the apostle's call to all Christians to be certain of their salvation.
Sunday AM March 1, 2015

Society’s Steps to Judgement

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Three times it is said that God gives up and gives over people to their sin. Here are the reasons and the outcome. Here also is the list of 22 sins that increasingly fill an atheistic society like ours, and the opposite traits in Christ's people.
Sunday AM February 22, 2015

Society at its Worst

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
How God's wrath is revealed in the Gospel and the reason for it. Also how disrespect for Him in society leads to increasingly extreme sensual sin. What it means to be given up to sin, and the mission of the church to rescue people in time.
Sunday AM February 15, 2015

Gospel Obligations

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Paul gives three reasons why he is ready to evangelise where his message will be despised. Herein is the power of the Gospel, also an explanation of God's imputed righteousness, and of how regeneration leads to someone being consciously convicted and persuaded by the Gospel.
Sunday AM February 8, 2015

The Selfless Servant

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Before Paul's famous, stirring, profound statements come pouring from his inspired pen, six priceless verses reveal his unselfish, caring, outward-looking character, his evangelistic priority and his great concern to live in accordance with the will of God. All are challenged to keep spiritual priorities.
Sunday AM February 1, 2015

Christ Revealed in Romans

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Introducing Romans - the supreme doctrinal foundation of our faith - revealing Christ in the full glory of His work and His headship of the church. Romans shows how He calls, saves, sanctifies and keeps His own, and the duties of the Christian life. Above all, it exalts Christ.
Wednesday PM July 16, 2014

Knowing The Will of God

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM June 15, 2014

The Personal Effects of Atheism

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Reasons why we reject God, and what unbelief takes from us. How atheism shapes us, imparting distinctive characteristics of thought and action. Proof that it is itself a religion. The contrasting benefits of believing in God, and how He may be found and known.
Sunday AM June 8, 2014

Living Sacrifices

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM May 18, 2014

God’s Knowledge Compared with Ours

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
What the Bible says about God's infinite knowledge is both surprising and humbling. His knowledge of us is particularly moving, for it is a longsuffering and concerned knowledge that has provided a way of forgiveness and life to countless people who see their need of it.
Sunday PM March 16, 2014

All we need to know

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
... to be reconciled with God. Here are the facts set out by Paul, the apostle. We must know about the state of mankind, our future in eternity, what Christ has done to help us, how He can rescue us, and what happens at conversion.
Sunday PM November 10, 2013

Why God Accepts or Rejects Us

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Rejection by God at the end of life's journey is surely the most terrible shock imaginable. Here are the reasons set out in the Bible, along with God's method of showing mercy and love to all who will receive it, while there is time.
Wednesday PM October 16, 2013

Paul’s Outstanding Helpers

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A single study on the special contribution of those to whom Paul sent greetings at Rome: Phebe, Priscilla, Aquila, Epaenetus, Andronicus, etc. What they did, and their contributions took on significance beyond anything they could have imagined - as ours also may.
Sunday PM September 15, 2013

There is no Difference

Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sermon by Pastor Ibrahim Ag Mohamed
Sunday PM May 19, 2013

Release from Conformity

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
We do not realise how conformed we are to the programming of society. Even when young and experimental we are being shaped in the ways of the world, but there is a way of escape and freedom - in fact radical transformation - in conversion to Christ. Here is how.
Sunday PM February 24, 2013

Streetwise and Soul Wise

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The Bible describes the inactivity or sleep of the soul in many lives, if we live oblivious to our detachment from God, and our eternal destiny. Here are Paul's sympathetic pleadings that call us to turn from a spiritually empty life and seek reconciliation with our Creator.
Sunday AM January 13, 2013

The Immeasurable Personal Love of Christ

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
A review of the characteristics of Christ's love for His people, and how it should stir ours for Him. Also, how having received such love, we should reflect it in marriage. Here also is Paul's famous declaration that it is impossible to be separated from the Lord's love.
Sunday PM May 27, 2012

The Greatest Philosophy

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The first preachers of Christianity were not embarrassed by their message offering personal reconciliation with God, for it towered above all religions of the day, and still does (including atheism). Here are its superior features of beauty, credibility, and power to change.
Sunday PM May 20, 2012

The Rewards of Non-Belief

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
In one of his most surprising illustrations Paul shows that, before conversion, we are in the employment of sin. If only we could see that it is the worst possible employer, giving disastrous rewards. By contrast, here is what we gain by turning to Christ.
Sunday PM February 12, 2012

Obtaining Access to God

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
The supreme and most vital teaching of Christianity about salvation - the key to knowing God - is the teaching of justification by faith alone. What does it mean, in plain terms, and why is it essential for any personal discovery of God?
Sunday PM July 31, 2011

Being in Denial

Sermon by Pastor Roger Brazier
Sermon by Pastor Roger Brazier
Sunday PM June 26, 2011

God’s Definition of Faith

Sermon by Dr Peter Masters
Coming to God is not just a matter of having good opinions about Him. It involves the heart as well as the mind. Here are the differences between mental belief only, and believing in Christ with the entire person.