Lessons for Teenagers

The weeks teenage lesson

The Paralytic Healed

Blind Bartimaeus 

The Feeding of the Five Thousand

Jairus’ Daughter

The Stilling of the Storm

Early Reactions to the Apostles Message 

Cornelius – the Roman Centurion 

The Ethiopian Chancellor

Continuing Hostility for the Early Church

Assured and Empowered

Many Repent on the Day of Pentecost

The People of Jerusalem Go Back on their Vows

The Wall of Jerusalem Completed

Nehemiah Works On, Despite the Enemy’s Schemes 

Nehemiah’s Desire to See Jerusalem Restored 

Daniel remains unmoved by threats to throw him to the lions 

Belshazzar sees the writing on the wall.

Nebuchadnezzar commands everyone to worship his image.

Daniel refuses the King’s food